NEW YORK and TAIPEI, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – SUIC and iDrink introduce Drink Coin, a new, innovative cryptocurrency used on the iDrink decentralized platform for trading utility tokens wholly backed with alcoholic beverages. Through the use of advance blockchain technology, adopting specially designed user apps and iCloud processing, together support the world’s first beverage cryptocurrency that would form a model ecosystem that will set future standards for the merging of the crypto and the real economy sector.

 iCloud System

iCloud system is the central nervous system of its overall business model and operations, an integrated end-to-end system with advanced analytics that assimilates a wealth of data from the iDrink IoT smart beverage machines; then use the key business data, such as machine location, beverage type, beverage inventory, consumer preferences, order information, etc., to connect with the real-world iDrink business partners and consumers, including store operators, logistics providers, and beverage suppliers. iCloud system allows for the integration and advertising of the iDrink IoT smart beverage machines, achieving high operational efficiency, which drive iDrink business success.

Drink Coin  and iDrink Wallet App

Drink Coin provides user apps including iDrink Wallet app for mobile using a relatively simple UI and QR code support. iDrink Wallet can be used to pay for beverages on the iDrink IoT smart beverage vending machines or coin-operated vending machines, to accumulate iDrink member points by participating in drink surveys, to share info on social media such as drinks alerts, news, widgets, and updates to the app for easy and quick syncing.

iDrink Wallet mobile app connects directly to the blockchain, and any iDrink transaction over this blockchain network is self-executed according to its corresponding smart contract. For example, whenever a consumer is paying for an iDrink beverage, the mobile app will create a new smart contract and automatically execute the token-related trading of the transaction.

iDrink Traceability Technology & Solutions

iDrink partners with beverage manufacturers to advance the application of big data traceability technology and efficient solutions in the beverage industry, and to develop sustainable smarter logistics and supply chain management. Starting from the manufacturing plants of the beverages, iDrink will track and record every link of the industrial chain, standardize the process, production, and storage, ensure the mastery of real information, speed up the physical flow of beverages and prevent bad goods from flowing into the market and iDrink machines.  Utilizing the free, open and fair nature of the blockchain, the global beverage value information is freely circulated, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of all traceable data, establishing the most important trust mechanism for, and promoting the positive development of the beverage industry.

Drink Coin benefits the iDrink Consumers & Partners

When iDrink consumers use Drink Coins, they get special offers, get to participate in the iDrink global expansion project using the iDrink Wallet app, earn bonuses and rewards from iDrink surveys and from sharing your positive feedback on social media.

iDrink IoT smart beverage vending machines operators get support from iDrink in extensive beverage selection and replacement, and earn bonuses and rewards from the iDrink self-service function.

iDrink beverage suppliers and vendors benefit from the large sales and distribution network of iDrink that helps these companies to develop, operate, govern and secure their own business networks; and obtain Big Data and up-to-date information from iCloud system, allowing these companies to create a comprehensive beverage database with iDrink.

iDrink platform can generate revenues from diverse sources, such as beverage wholesale and retail sales, franchising income, machine integration (upgrade to smart control), trading commissions, and advertisements. Alcoholic beverage is a lucrative asset class which ensures high profitability and stable returns, and is one of the basic types of alternative investments after gold, art, and diamonds.

About iDrink Technology Co. Ltd.

iDrink Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan (“iDrink”) designs the iDrink Smart Vending Machine, for the global trillions-dollar beverage industry, utilizing cloud platform services that consolidate consumption data from beverage manufacturers and consumers alike, and uploading the data to its blockchain-enabled iDrink Smart Vending Machine. iDrink Smart Vending Machine is a beverage vending machine and a cryptocurrency mining machine, as well as a O2O digital currency ATM terminal.  iDrink Smart Vending Machine manages real-time inventory information, track fleet of beverage suppliers, offer a myriad of data about its consumers’ habits and spending through a seamless cryptocurrency payment system, using business intelligence and analytics solutions with Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth and RFID tags.

iDrink Smart Vending Machine is the world’s first ever beverage E-commerce and social exchange platform, a smart IoT vending machine first ever of its kind! iDrink will construct a O2O ecosystem by making available the iDrink tokens and coins to users worldwide. Thus, connecting its blockchain technology with the IoT through Bluetooth on smartphones and other devices. To learn more, please visit

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides Venture Financing and Blockchain services to five sectors including: “Logistics & Trade”, “Vehicle & Transportation”, “Finance & Coin”, and “Medical & Healthcare”, and a new addition, “Fintech.” The addition of the Fintech sector to SUIC’s Blockchain services includes a comprehensive update in which SUIC will build up its own internal capabilities by actively starting a Blockchain training program, developing a 3rd generation Smart Contract Blockchain under the SUIC brand, and using these capabilities to offer a comprehensive ICO consultancy. Shareholders of SUIC will be exposed to the diverse application of blockchain services in various parts of the economy. Additionally, existing and potential customers can benefit from this company’s diversified portfolio of technologies and consulting services in the four sectors. As one of the first publicly traded technology companies, SUIC serves as an innovative leader by integrating these five sectors. To learn more, please visit

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