More than 80 New Products Being Officially Unveiled at Next Week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exhibitors are making next month’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition® the official launchpad for their new HR tech products. Scheduled for October 1-4, 2019 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, the HR Technology Conference is the world’s leading event on HR technology across all functional areas, including talent acquisition, performance management, employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, payroll, people analytics and more.

For the second consecutive year, applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI) dominate. Equally compelling are a host of new products that define and reinforce cultures of excellence as well as advance the employee experience.

Here is a list of exhibitors planning to announce more than 80 new products at the conference:

Booth 1456
AdminaHealth will be showcasing its Consolidated Billing & Reconciliation SaaS platform that automates a historically manually intensive and error-prone process by integrating with enrollment, benefits administration, payroll & ERP systems for healthcare and voluntary insurance benefits. Leveraging a rule-based architecture, AI algorithms and analytics, it supports any plan design for Brokers, Carriers, Captives, Associations, TPAs & partners.

Ai4JOBS by ThisWay
Booth 1953
Ai4JOBS built for is available to register for access starting October 1, 2019. Companies can now leverage the power of Salesforce to improve candidate experience, reduce bias and identify most qualified talent instantly. Effective but simple integration capabilities provide customer value in 30 minutes or less. Digital resources, including an ROI calculator and ISO compliance, support ease of adoption across all industries.

Alight Solutions
Booth 1314
Alight Solutions strengthens its benefits administration capabilities with the launch of its digital employee experience that leverages AI and data through its hyper-personalization engine. Alight Total Rewards gives workers a holistic view of their benefits and rewards and offers recommendations to improve decision making and drive engagement and Alight Well offers guidance and access to resources to help people better manage their total wellbeing.

Booth 2600
Powered by AI, AllyO Pulse utilizes deep workflow automation to engage employees in a text-based conversation — from entrance to exit. HR leaders use sentiment analytics to drive organizational improvements.

Booth 2055
New enhancements to Applicant One SOURCE include a streamlined process to fast track interviews, Google Maps integration, scheduling assistance, appointment setting and interview time slot suggestions. 

Aspiring Minds
Booth 2834
SmartMeet is the latest addition to Aspiring Minds’ suite of powerful AI-enabled assessment products. The platform provides interviewers with a collaborative environment with video, audio conferencing, whiteboard, chat and most importantly, access to role relevant, pre-defined and structured set of questions.

Booth 428AP
Atlas empowers employees to take charge of their own credentials’ verification. The platform gives individuals ownership and control of their data, enabling them to choose exactly what they want to share and with whom. Atlas takes data brokers and other intermediaries out of the equation, minimizing the risk of data getting into the wrong hands. Because all credentials are shared using tamper-proof blockchain technology, privacy is assured.

Booth 2337
Beamery launched its Talent Operating System (TOS) to help enterprise proactively attract, engage and retain candidates on a single platform, at scale. Beamery’s TOS centralizes a company’s candidate data, systems and talent operations, allowing recruiters to attract, engage and retain top candidates on a unified platform, while providing a seamless talent experience.

Booth 1356
beepnow, Inc. has announced the debut of their new software: beepShift, a shift-management system that allows AI to pick the best-suited shifts and locations for the employees based on their skills availabilities. It also introduces blockchain technology to store employee data securely.

Booth 2046
Beekeeper will launch Shift Schedules, which makes it easier for frontline employees to swap shifts and update their availability. Members of shift teams can contact their managers directly through the app to request approval for shift coverage or last-minute schedule changes. Companies benefit from reduced absenteeism, as managers are now able to ensure coverage for every shift.

BestWork Data
Booth 3120
For $199/month, BestWork 2.0 provides unlimited usage of a complete talent acquisition system including a full talent management system supported by a seasoned assessment with cognitive & personality data. It's easy to use without special training and uses no profiling.

Booth 3109
BetterUp is announcing new leadership development platform features including an AI-powered matching algorithm that delivers personalized coaching recommendations for employees; an upgraded evidence-based data model that maps leadership development to concrete business outcomes; automated integration capabilities with HCM systems; a new analytics dashboard with real-time reporting; expanded availability in 6 more languages.

Booth 802
Bravo is now available on Microsoft Teams App. The Bravo application enables users to send appreciation to someone from within company as well as outside. It strives to provide businesses with the benefits of work on the device of their choice – anytime, anywhere. It will help users quickly access the recognition platform and recognize others on a real-time and timely basis and follows the highest privacy standards of Microsoft.

Booth 1855
Brazen will announce the launch of Brazen Live! which is a live-streaming feature and one of the most significant updates to its virtual career fair platform in years. The addition of Brazen Live! will allow talent acquisition teams to share live video during online events helping employers build more authentic, human brands and enhance the candidate experience.

Booth 1342
Buck has launched a reimagined, tech-enabled digital workforce solution to help employers drive better business outcomes by transforming their approach to technology. The new portfolio encompasses three distinct service offerings: bEngaged™, bEnabled™ and bEquipped™. The new digital suite makes HR simpler for employers and employees with enhanced customer experience, integrated administration services and empowering analytics capabilities.

Booth 2024
Businessolver® is excited to introduce MyChoice℠ Accounts, an enhanced suite of consumer accounts. Revolutionary technology and a direct-integration with the Benefitsolver® platform can result in faster claims processing and funding, automated data exchange, instantaneous Customer Identification Processing and enables employees to manage all of their health & wealth benefits in one-system and one app.

Booth 754
Bryq is a scientifically validated pre-hire assessment that removes bias from the process and increases hire diversity. By measuring both cognitive skills and psychometric traits, Bryq matches candidate characteristics with job requirements, providing ranking and results you can understand to conduct structured interviews. Companies of any size and industry can use Bryq to hire effectively and build diverse teams.

Booth 539
Capacity is announcing the launch of its Workflows technology, an AI-powered robotic process automation tool that automates complex human resources tasks. With Workflows, Capacity can now onboard new team members, conduct performance reviews and gather real-time employee feedback, empowering HR professionals to engage in more value-added endeavors.

Career Spark
Booth 2734
Career Spark will announce the release of “What’s Next”: an employee-facing, career-pathing and development solution that empowers employees to take control of their careers. It enables employees to learn unique individual insights, explore future career paths and organizational opportunities, generate custom career planning and development guides and initiate powerful gap analysis right from their mobile devices.

Booth 428BP
Compaas will announce the public release of their newest product: Compaas Rewards. Compaas Rewards leverages their Compensation Intelligence Platform to guide organizations through company-wide raise cycles – making processes painless and secure.

Booth 428AD
CompensationCloud announces the launch of a new solution - Pay Equity matrix(PEM). PEM helps HRBP and managers to analyze and prevent pay disparities with gender, race and age during the compensation review cycle instead of correcting those later in the process. CompensationCloud helps build a culture of trust by efficiently automating compensations plans.

Booth 428AO
CultureCrush, an insightful culture assessment and candidate matching platform, added new features: a restructured analytics dashboard, new reporting capabilities and improved UI/UX. Enhanced graphs and additional organizational metrics allow for greater visibility into workplace gaps. Culture is a business imperative, and a competitive differentiator for top talent and CultureCrush solutions improves workplace culture.

Curious Thing – AI Interviewer
Booth 428AV
Launching the self-serve version of the product will enable small and medium-sized businesses to build job interviews on-demand, direct from their web platform. Curious Thing’s new technology speeds up the process of moving qualified candidates through the hiring process, freeing up time for their hiring managers to make more informed hiring decisions.

Data Society
Booth 443
Data-driven companies focused on predictive analytics and data-driven processes are becoming the new competitive norm. As part of this new training program, Data Society works with HR leaders to prepare analysts, generalists and executives to deliver and excel in this emerging space. The curriculums can be custom built to deliver to a company's specific use cases, in both on-site and remote training options.

Booth 1306
Deloitte’s Human Capital Analytics Suite incorporates data from across the HR ecosystem to provide turn-key and continuous insights with a 360-degree view: sensing external workforce shifts, assessing workforce impact and listening to the voice of the employee. The Platform delivers managed service solutions that become the “workforce information heartbeat,” enabling business leaders to identify opportunities and disruptions proactively.

Booth 2919
Draup announces the release of the newest upgrade to its existing AI-Driven Reskilling & Talent Intelligence Platform. This upgrade empowers HR leaders to identify adjacent skills for any role, map existing roles’ potential career paths and identify the skills necessary for the selected future role. Having analyzed more than two million career paths, this app enables leaders to chart robust data-driven reskilling strategies to build future-ready organizations.

Booth 428R
Employi will be exclusively launching its tool that makes candidates feel well communicated with during the recruiting process. From creating transparency in the status of their application to easily scheduling calls or requesting more information via video or text, this automation will keep candidates engaged while streamlining processes for recruiters.

Booth 1137
The Career Experience Suite (CXS) is designed to attract, engage and retain talent. Now, CXS expands the suite to include: CXS Recruit attract & hire the right employees; CXS Onboard to engage employees before day one; CXS Recognize recognition programs; CXS Develop to improve recognition & engagement practices and CXS Survey to understand what employees really want.

Equifax Workforce Solutions
Booth 1115
Equifax Workforce Solutions will debut ExperiCheck. Part of its Pre-Employment Verification suite, the new feature delivers an instant summary of a candidate’s tenure history along with a comparison of applicant-stated experience matched to verified employment data from The Work Number® database. The at-a-glance view is designed to help employers quickly identify where follow-up is needed and to accelerate the hiring process.  

Booth 425
The @Work app offers secure, cloud-based knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration for enterprises across all verticals. @Work is an extensible desktop and mobile platform with video learning, corporate chat, file sharing and corporate feed and announcements. With E2E encryption, information is private and secure. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Everyday Inclusion App, Powered by Moxie Exchange
Booth 955
Moxie Exchange will debut the Everyday Inclusion app. This app gives employees a safe place to get their diversity and inclusion questions answered and provides the resources they need – right at their fingertips. Disrupting traditional training models, the app moves away from one-and-done training to making inclusion a daily habit.

Booth 3016
Explorance announces Blue EJA, an Employee Journey Analytics (EJA) solution, which reinvents the Voice Of Employee (VOE) space. Instead of using standalone solutions along the “hire to retire” journey, direct, indirect and implied employee feedback can be integrated with continuous listening & AI analysis, offering real-time analytics to support HR decisions on effective employee experience, engagement and retention.

Booth 428AG2
With EZ-ADA, organizations can utilize a custom form with essential functions for each job, so that medical certifications are tied to the actual job duties and yes/no answers. EZ-ADA helps HR make an informed decision about the employee that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and helps the employee return to work faster. 

First Advantage
Booth 1339
To help manage today’s extended workforce, First Advantage announces XtdForce™. An easy-to-use background screening solution, XtdForce offers mobile-friendly, candidate-powered workflows with continuous monitoring features, digital badging capabilities and employer zero-cost options. Automated functionality, including online registration and real-time results, promotes efficiencies and decreased time to fill while assuring program compliance.

FreshFill Meals
Booth 1358
Announcing FreshFill Meals, a smart system to achieve better work/life balance by making dinner doable. FreshFill learns the food preferences of employees, such as gluten & dairy-free, low carb, 20, 30, 40 min prep/cook times, etc. and then sends three meal plans to their app each week and loads the ingredients into their preferred grocers’ online shopping cart. Each meal plan features color pictures, step-by-step instructions and a “how-to” video.

G-2 Leaders
Booth 1151
G-2 will announce automated personalized TNA software that helps determine job competencies and skillsets, allowing personalized “Return of Expectation” training. Organizations need to prepare their leaders, supervisors/managers and employees globally and geographically for their functional duties by linking the required competencies of the job to the skills associated and, consequently, the training needed within the allocated time and budget.

Global HR Research
Booth 1850
Global HR Research will unveil a new solution at the HR Tech Conference.

Booth 1758
Grokker, the health engagement solution that employees love, announces the availability of GrokTalk, the company’s new member-to-member communication feature. Easy-to-use, GrokTalk lives in the Grokker app and browser version, allowing employees to send and receive messages at work or on the go, connecting with one another, Grokker experts, internal coaches and advocates.

Health Endeavors
Booth 1755
Health Endeavors introduces Patient Lookup 2.0: Everyone! The solution allows employers to view risk scores, benchmarking and provider performance indicators year-round. The care team network can search employees by first and last name to retrieve a four-year health history of encounters at all points of care: Inpatient, Outpatient, at the Clinic, Post-Acute and Drug and get actionable intelligence such as risk score, benchmarking and care gaps.

Booth 837
HiringSolved will launch the production release of Recruiting Automation Platform R6, which removes critical barriers for complex and high-volume hiring. Using R6, recruiters can quickly find the right talent stored in their ATS, CRM or other databases, refine their search criteria based on feedback from insights and engage with talent through email messaging.

Booth 335
HiringThing will launch the HiringThing Partner Experience – a new service offering that provides partners with a powerful, elegant recruitment solution designed to plug seamlessly into an existing software suite, resulting in a robust solution for any existing client base. 

HRNX Integrations
Booth 825
The HRNX Marketplace Powered by Talent App Store provides HR & recruiting systems with a marketplace layer that enables them to offer pre-built, turn-key vendor integrations to their clients. The Marketplace is pre-configured with dozens of background screening, assessment and video interview vendors out of the box, and neither the recruiting systems nor vendors need to have published API’s to realize the benefits of the Marketplace.

HSA Bank
Booth 422
Employers can work with their financial advisor to take advantage of HSA Bank’s new advisor-driven investment platform, HSAdvisor+. With HSAdvisor+, an advisor can monitor and manage investment performance and options and aggregate reporting data. Employees can invest in a universe of low-cost, no-load mutual funds—selected by the advisor based on employee demographics—and access investment information right on HSA Bank’s accountholder portal.

Human Capital Management Institute
Booth 2545
The Human Capital Management Institute has added Prescriptive Analytics to its SOLVE Workforce platform. With SOLVE's AI-driven Prescriptive Analytics, clients enter desired outcomes through interactive questions and SOLVE delivers suggested actions.

Booth 1812
iCIMS is poised to make an announcement at the 2019 HR Technology Conference.

Interview Mocha
Booth 319
Interview Mocha, a pre-employment skill testing platform, announces LogicBox, an AI-powered pseudo coding question type enabling faster and enhanced candidate assessments. Instead of relying on coding compilers and multiple-choice questions (MCQs), this question-type assesses a candidate’s approach to a problem, saving time and effort for candidates while simultaneously simplifying hiring managers’ tasks by helping them shortlist only talented candidates.
Booth 1251 will unveil its advanced blockchain-based AI matching technology that powers their automated staffing platform – with a unique candidate attraction model.

Booth 643
SMBs can improve the reach and relevancy of candidates in four steps with JobAdX Self-Serve. Any employer can engage targeted job seekers across 150+ job sites and stand out to top talent by adding brand videos to JobAdX’s Interactive Job Ads.

Klever Insight
Booth 428BM
Klever Insight launches a new version of its digital coaching solution for the Shared Services market, which includes HR Support. The software-based management coach guides managers through small steps they can take each day to strategically impact business outcomes without taking time away from their day jobs. New leaps, jumps and steps based on best practices for Shared Services have been added to the solution’s algorithms and heuristics.

Booth 428S
Macorva is launching a free version of its unlimited 360-degree feedback and employee engagement survey designed for small businesses. Macorva lets companies under 500 employees launch a survey in minutes and add features as their needs grow. The free version eliminates the cost barrier that keeps small businesses from getting the data they need to improve employee performance, engagement and retention.

Booth 625
meQuilibrium launches Collaborate, a machine learning-driven HCM module enabling active collaboration between work colleagues and managers to build adaptive skills to manage the impacts of change and build an organizational culture optimized for innovation.

Booth 428AR
MyHealthMath is launching its claims-based, decision support model for self-funded clients that provides every employee with a decision tool to predict their optimal, employer-sponsored health plan choice. By using actual medical and pharma claims data combined with one-on-one engagements, data analytics and modeling, thousands of calculations are run per employee to support better, educated decision about plan choices. 

Booth 1156
OnBlick is enhanced with a built-in H-1B case management system, which handles RFE/NOID/NOIR with an ability to record Port of Entry/Exit. Organizations can set up custom templates for auto-generating PAFs as per the LCA requirement. Its Electronic I-9 system is integrated with E-Verify Webservices.

Booth 428AQ
HumanEven enables users to describe the work that sparked their search in a few words via chat and generates sample job descriptions, plus insights on the inherent biases to look out for. It also surfaces matching people from Opening’s AI-powered talent pool, right in the context of conversations. HumanEven is available as a chatbot for Skype, Slack and via custom APIs, by invite.

Booth 428AZ
OurOffice Inc, a software company in D&I Tech space, released a new module on their integrated platform to measure and improve workplace inclusion with micro-actions.

Paddle HR
Booth 428AW
Paddle HR is launching a brand-new version of its AI-powered career pathing platform. Having collected data from the career histories of 400 million people, the updated software helps map internal opportunities for clients’ employees, reduce attrition and leveraging their internal talent to prepare for the future of work.

Booth 103
Paylocity is announcing the availability of On-Demand Payment for financial flexibility, now part of Paylocity’s one unified HCM Platform.

Booth 1106
The future of HR will be focused on personalizing the work experience, and the latest Paychex product releases empower employers to do just that. From introducing payroll flexibility and significant enhancements to the Paychex Flex® intelligence engine to the debuts of wearable solutions and an integration hub, Paychex continues to develop HR technologies that drive efficiency, productivity and simplicity at work.

Booth 428C
PeopleBest announced the immediate availability of its ‘Human Performance’ and ‘PeopleDNA’ cloud-based solutions platform, enabling HR professionals and business owners to immediately upgrade their hiring, development, engagement and strategies related to its people.

Booth 428Q
Having just secured the patent for its process, PerfectCoaches is demonstrating the artificial intelligence that enables organizations to connect with every employee personally, every day. The system and AMI, its AI module, help motivate people to master habits and skills, empowering them to continue to grow. Virtual coaching builds a narrative on progress while providing employers 24x7 insight into their most valuable resource: people.

Booth 428BF
Responding to customer and market desire for an accelerated coaching experience, Pilot will debut its Accelerated Employee Coaching Program. Focused on empowering employees to own their careers and actively shape their experience at work, it engages employees weekly via mobile devices for just 10 minutes and convenes cohorts of employees for monthly group video coaching.

Booth 547
Poppulo Mobile is a new product for HR internal communicators to engage their desk-less employees. It extends the Poppulo Enterprise Employee Communications Platform to engage their desk-less employees anytime, anyplace, anywhere via an easy-to-use mobile application. Whether on the road, the shop floor or different office, important company updates can be delivered seamlessly to employees on smartphones. 

Booth 440
PredictiveHR will announce a new service offering based on its patent-pending Integrity AI tool. By utilizing this new technology, Integrity AI, PredictiveHR can aggregate and normalize all disparate data sets, stored across numerous HR, operations, finance or any proprietary system into one data set for data transfer, historic data uploads and data modeling. 

Booth 2950
Questback, the enterprise platform for Experience Management, will unveil a new Leadership 360 tool. Questback Leadership 360 is designed to develop and nurture leaders at all levels of a company through rapid self-service and on-demand feedback. The product helps companies transform HR productivity, support changing businesses, and adapt to modern organizational structures and new ways of working.

Booth 428F
Rainmakers launches AI-based sales candidate hiring. After working with hundreds of companies and thousands of sales candidates, Rainmakers has compiled a powerful set of proprietary sales data. Companies are now able to hire better sales candidates quicker while increasing diversity.

Booth 1958
RChilli will launch of the latest version of its resume parser, RChilli 8.0. Created with the vision to empower users with an easy onboarding through a scalable resume parser, customers can get government data-ready taxonomies and reinvent talent analytics. It is compatible with government taxonomies, external standardizations and GDPR enhancements.

Reward Gateway
Booth 645
Reward Gateway, a global employee engagement company, will launch its new SmartInsights Analytics Engine as part of its flagship employee engagement platform. This analytics engine helps organizations assess the impact of recognition and communications on employee engagement and business indicators. The highly visual dashboards measure interaction and other behaviors critical to the organization’s desired business outcomes.
Booth 957 Philanthropy Cloud has a mobile app for iOS devices and is available for private enterprise distribution. With the app’s streamlined interface and access to more than 1.4M nonprofits, employees can easily find stories, campaigns and nonprofits, and donate to the causes they care about, right from their iOS devices. They can also search for new causes, track giving and change profile preferences.

Self Consultancy
Booth 428BL
Self Consultancy will showcase its new service to HR professionals and senior management. Its cloud-based platform allows employees, with guaranteed anonymity and in a structured and controlled environment, to advise on the crucial aspects of your internal processes: personnel, resources, procedures and organization. It improves efficiencies, employee engagement and profit by using the experts you already have: your own staff.

Booth 428Y
SkyHive’s workforce planning solution provides real-time analytics on organizational skill supply and demand, identifies skill gaps and creates individualized upskilling and reskilling pathways. By leveraging deep learning and AI, SkyHive incorporates real-time labor market intelligence and equips your workforce with the right skills to meet rapidly-changing business demands, driving next-level agility and adaptability to today’s enterprises.

Smart WFM
Booth 428AL
Smart WFM will launch a cloud suite of modules Apitome (Software to Align, Prepare, Implement, Track & Measure outcomes). The initial Business Case module complete with industry templates will accelerate business value allowing organizations to align business strategy to people. By using its own data, an organization can establish a baseline and deliver measurable benefits to the business and staff.

SmashFly Technologies
Booth 1102
To further help talent acquisition teams understand their pipelines and nurture relationships, SmashFly has launched Pipeline Intelligence, an AI-driven recommendation engine built into its recruitment CRM. The proprietary algorithm includes a Skills Score and Engagement Index that recommends candidates and employees by experience, skills and engagement to jumpstart outreach, decrease time to find and increase application conversion.

Booth 2447
Talent Feedback and Analytics Platform, Survale™, will announce SurvaleRewards™. Survale’s latest version enables clients to provide promo codes to candidates to thank them for participating in the recruiting process and/or providing feedback.

Booth 110
SwoopTalent releases Match, true machine learning to identify the best talent. Layered on the SwoopTalent data lake and working inside any ATS, top candidates are pulled from data sources automatically. SwoopTalent learns from human decisions, not just keywords and job descriptions: Human intelligence meets recruiting automation.

Booth 608
Synapse is announcing the release of Advanced Assessments. This addition to its Learning Design System moves the startup closer to the release of its AI-enabled recommendation engine. Advanced Assessments completes what is referred to as “The Magic Triangle,” which is the interdependence of learning objectives, learning activities and assessments, allowing uses of the software to tie training to business outcomes. 

Talent Plus
Booth 2741
TalentMine introduces employers to their strongest talents and how they add value to roles and teams. Individual goals aligned to talents can be created, and team talents can be learned. Drive accountability, deepen relationships and receive valuable feedback when you collaborate on team goals; good ideas become genius when shared. TalentMine is powered by Talent Plus.

Booth 2053
TalVista now supports conscious inclusion decision-making in the recruiting process. TalVista’s approach to reducing the impact of bias has stakeholders actively participate with conscious inclusion when dispositioning candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Booth 2148
Terryberry’s Recognition Mailbox gets a major overhaul in the 3.0 release. Clients can now “systematically recognize virtually anything.” Recognition Mailbox can collect data from built-in forms or 3rd party systems. Mailbox submissions connect to 360 Recognition’s functionality; resulting in actions such as award nominations, points rewards or tracking.

TMP Worldwide
Booth 1311
TMP Worldwide introduces TalentBrew CRM to enhance the TalentBrew recruitment marketing platform further, providing a single access point for candidate management and communication. Leveraging target audience data and profiles across multiple strategies and systems and powered by TMP’s proprietary network intelligence and machine learning, it helps recruiters effectively identify and engage with talent and manage/personalize candidate experiences.

Booth 106
Trusaic has launched a solution to make it easier for employers to achieve regulatory compliance with pay equity laws successfully. PayParitySM combines data, regulatory expertise and software to support the needs of HR, compensation and legal professionals to meet pay related legal requirements to assist in demonstrating fairness in pay and minimizing risks of investigation, legal action and reputation loss. 

Booth 1445
TrustSphere’s new “D&I MRI” is an enterprise real-time HR analytics solution that measures how inclusive teams and departments are while protecting individual privacy. By leveraging ONA on enterprise communications (anonymized metadata), it gives continuous insights into levels of inclusiveness across groups. Periodic individualized reports enable leaders to assess how their working relationships are creating an inclusive culture.

Booth 2019
Visier announces Visier People® Workforce, an analytics solution providing enterprise organizations with critical business insights into their hourly, contract and seasonal workforce. Over 125 business questions relating to absenteeism, case management, overtime, worker safety and more. Teams can leverage these pre-built questions, refine them with data filters or use them to create custom metrics to fit their workforce.  

Virtual HR
Booth 428Z
Virtual HR will assist hiring managers in selecting the best candidates by assigning ranks, filtering resumes, then conducting, recording and submitting a “face to face” virtual job interview by using AI. The company created a realistic animated 3D chatbot that will conduct a 10- to 30-minute live video interview asking preset and specific questions about the candidate’s resume. A future release will include an analysis of personalities to fit the organization.

Booth 428M
Wellbees will present its newest version of the app on both Apple and Google platforms. The release includes "video challenges" that help employees commit to a new goal by creating a video and sharing it with the entire workforce.

Willis Towers Watson
Booth 1839
“You’ve created a dynamic, new career architecture to help your employees envision their career journey. Now, you need to communicate it in a way that’s clear and engaging.” Willis Towers Watson will announce the launch of an exciting new Career view of its employee experience platform, Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software. It can show employees where they are in new frameworks and suggest next steps in their careers.

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