World Wide Technology and Privoro Selected to Develop Assured Identity Capability for Defense Information Systems Agency

SafeCase™ Mobile Hardening focused on addressing smartphone bans in secure workspaces.

Alexandria, Virginia, UNITED STATES

Washington, DC, Sept. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World Wide Technology (WWT), a market-leading technology solution provider, and Privoro, a leading provider of mobile hardware security solutions, have been selected by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to develop an assured identity solution for iOS devices.

To deliver an assured identity solution on a mobile platform, it must first meet all Committee of National Security Systems smartphone ban Policy requirements, which will allow device access to secure spaces. This includes the ability to control smartphone cameras and microphones. Recognizing that an assured identity solution for iOS devices will first require mitigating these known risks, WWT and Privoro will immediately deliver a prototype that includes mobile hardening, sensor control, and mobile security policy enforcement through integrated mobile device management.

Upon completion of this first phase, WWT and Privoro will build on the concept of assigning individual user attributes on a secure hardware platform to provide identity assurance and trusted mobile access. The solution will address access to sensitive information at the edge as well as security concerns that have led to smartphone bans across the government.

Privoro’s SafeCase is currently the only solution that provides mobile hardware security in isolation from the vulnerabilities of the smartphone ecosystem. As an external, high-security source of trust, the SafeCase surrounds – but is functionally independent of – a user’s mobile device. The external hardware component provides a secure environment for System on a Chip (SoC) attestation and Continuous Multi-Factor Authentication (CMFA) capabilities, in addition to protection against audio and visual surveillance.

“This development prototype will demonstrate how federal government facilities, especially those in the Defense Department where national security information is shared, can allow smartphone access without fear of eavesdropping and spying from malicious actors gaining access through compromised microphones and cameras,” said Bryan Thomas, WWT senior vice president of public sector. “DISA is also taking a leading role in identifying and promoting new technologies that deliver on the strategy of a trusted assured identity. We look forward to working with our partners at Privoro to deliver this capability.”

“SafeCase allows federal agencies the best of both worlds – a secure infrastructure and a productive work environment,” said Mike Fong, founder and CEO of Privoro. “With built-in protections that work even if the smartphone has been compromised, SafeCase provides a trusted system upon which secure services can be added. This is an ideal capability for DISA or any government agency, and we are excited to be bringing this to market with WWT.”

World Wide Technology

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Privoro, a technology company based in Phoenix, AZ is the world leader in zero-trust mobile hardware systems, microphone protection and passive RF attenuation. Privoro works with the DoD community to develop high-security mobile solutions and has received contracts to enhance protection 24x7 for mobile users.

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