LEXINGTON, Mass. and WALLINGFORD, Pa., Sept. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association (PSADA) has selected FamilyID as its online registration partner to manage enrollment for PSADA membership, conferences and other PSADA events.

The PSADA’s mission is to promote and enhance the professional growth and image of secondary school athletic administrators. Through this exclusive partnership with FamilyID, the PSADA will serve its members by providing the convenience of online registration, streamlined access to resources, and opportunities for professional growth.

PSADA has evolved to be one of the preeminent state associations of athletic administration. Claiming a membership of over 800 athletic directors, the PSADA is one of the largest associations in the nation, and it continues to grow.

“With a membership base as large as ours, managing enrollment and conference sign-ups with pencil and paper is an expensive and inefficient use of PSADA resources,” says Holly Farnese, Executive Director of the PSADA. “FamilyID is a much more user-friendly experience for our membership enrollment. Automating our process with FamilyID will allow the PSADA to be more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible, while making life a lot easier for our members.”

When Athletic Directors complete a registration on FamilyID, the data is formatted to meet the needs of the PSADA and can be easily shared internally, as appropriate, through customized reports. The online registration platform will also allow ADs to quickly view a full history of any PSADA program for which they’ve registered. This means PSADA staff and members alike will have instant access to the information they need immediately. 

“The PSADA is a well-respected organization that is truly committed to its membership community,” said Rochelle Nemrow, FamilyID Founder & CEO. “Implementing a state-wide online registration solution will save their members enormous amounts of time. In addition, the hundreds of athletic administrators in Pennsylvania who already use FamilyID to manage registration for school sports can use their same FamilyID account and login credentials to manage their PSADA enrollment. It’s truly a one-stop shop.”

Through its strategic affiliations with the PA School Boards Association, the PA Association of School Administrators, the PA Association of Secondary School Principals and the PA Interscholastic Athletic Association, PSADA has earned statewide recognition and respect. Because of this professional status, PSADA is recognized as a major contributor to interscholastic athletics and programs that enhance the development of student-athletes across the Commonwealth.

“We are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with the PSADA,” notes Nemrow, “and we are thrilled to help introduce this great tool to the members of this esteemed organization.”

The PSADA encourages all ADs to get involved. If you are interested in the PSADA contact hollyfarnese@psada.org.

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The Pennsylvania State Athletic Director Association has been identified by the PA Department of Education as a state-approved provider of professional development for the position of athletic director. PSADA is proud of the educational opportunities that it provides for its members.

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