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VPN.com Announces FuneralHomes.com & Cremations.com For Sale

ATLANTA and BOCA RATON, Fla. and PITTSBURGH, Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VPN, a leader in premium exact-match domain name brokerage, lists FuneralHomes.com and Cremations.com for sale. The announcement was made in the September edition of Funeral Service Insider (starting on page 5), one of the largest newsletters in the funeral home industry.

“These are two incredible names for a variety of businesses in the death-care business. Both funeral home and cremation industries will grow at least 4%, annually, over the next five years as early baby boomers pass on to a greater life. This growth allows for the great appreciation to the already potential these assets offer,” said Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com.

There are more than 21,000 funeral homes across the United States and over 80% of them are privately owned. Currently, the average funeral costs approximately $8,500 and the average cremation costs are $3,000. These trends value the funeral and cremation industries in the United States at $21 billion through 2019.

“Working on premium, industry-defining domains like FuneralHomes.com allow us to present our inventory to some incredible companies like Hillenbrand, Inc., Service Corp. International (SCI) and Matthews International. These are the true multi-billion dollar visionaries that can forever shape the industry by acquiring these exact-match domains,” said VP of Domains at VPN.com, Sharjil Saleem.

With more than 144,000 cemeteries and graveyards across the United States, the death industry has a very active and quiet presence throughout the country. Connecting these families to the absolute best end-of-life care and services is what the 105,000 industry professionals strive for on a weekly basis.

“Like every other industry, owning the absolute best domain name in the industry creates a permanent competitive and strategic advantage for any brand with the vision and foresight. FuneralHomes.com and Cremations.com are no different,” commented Senior Domain Broker, Darryl Lopes.

FuneralHomes.com and Cremations.com are for sale, as a package, for $1.4 million. This package sale also includes FuneralJobs.com, DirectCremations.com, CemeteryPlots.com, PetFuneral.com

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