CoinField launches XRP validator in preparation for the upcoming XRPL project

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoinField has announced today the platform’s XRP validator has been included in Ripple's trusted UNL. UNLs are the lists of transaction validators a given participant believes will not conspire to defraud them.

CoinField's team has been working on a new project over the past six months. This new project is being built on top of the XRP ledger. More information will be announced to the public on October 15, 2019. The company will also officially present the details of this new ecosystem at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit, on November 8th at 11:50 AM (CET), where the CEO of CoinField will give a keynote speech at the event.

"This new ecosystem is the most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL, and it is the best use case for that. We believe this will be a big step forward for the whole industry and the mass adoption of XRP blockchain," said Bob Ras, CoinField CEO.

The company has also consulted well-known experts in the cryptocurrency space who are guiding the team for this project. More details will be announced next month.

About CoinField:
CoinField is a leading digital currency trading platform built with advanced technologies ensuring fast trades, a smooth user experience, top-of-the-line security, and offering one of the largest cryptocurrencies portfolios worldwide. CoinField is the easiest way to Buy/Sell Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies in 100 countries.

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