Vibe Life Kombucha’s CBD line joins cannabis business accelerator Grow Tech Labs’ consumables cohort division

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cannabis business accelerator Grow Tech Labs is pleased to announce that it has chosen Vibe Life Inc. to be the second company to join its consumer division of cohort companies.

This fall, GTL will be investing in consumables, with edibles at the forefront as the second wave of cannabis legalization comes into effect on Oct. 17, 2019. The consumable cannabis market is predicted to become a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry and GTL is focused on contributing to the growth in this segment of the cannabis industry to help expedite the release of quality products to the market.

“Not only is this product keto, paleo and diabetic-friendly, it also tastes great,” says Barinder Rasode, CEO and Founder of Grow Tech Labs. “Dominica and her team have created a quality product. This will be a valuable addition to both the wellness and beverage industries in Canada.”

Vibe Life Inc. was founded by a couple from Vancouver, and they will be introducing the first line of kombucha in Canada with no added sugar. With less than one gram of natural sugar, the beverages are sweetened with natural botanicals.

Vibe Life Inc. currently uses hemp protein to enhance the beverage and with the support of Grow Tech Labs, they will be launching their hemp-derived CBD line of kombucha in 2020. It’s the only kombucha that uses fermented hemp and fermented stevia, a process that took more than one year of research.

With a personal journey of healing with CBD, the owners are passionate about launching this new product line with integrity and purpose.

As a sexual assault survivor, VIBE Life Inc. CEO Dominica Bay said she’s found that a combination of kombucha and CBD has made her feel mentally stronger, has reduced her anxiety and has helped in her active lifestyle by increasing her focus, endurance and reducing inflammation after workouts.

“Kombucha got me sober, CBD saved my life and Grow Tech Labs resurrected my soul,” said Bay, adding that she’s thrilled to have been selected as a cohort by the business accelerator to help expedite her products to market.

Bay says she swapped her “booze for booch’” years ago, and hopes her products can become an alternative to alcohol and sugar-ridden drinks for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Further, she hopes other trauma survivors can find peace in life with the help of the natural products.

“We are constantly seeking innovative products that offer unique features in a saturated market. Vibe Life’s kombucha line is a perfect fit in that regard, as no other mainstream brand offers consumers a very low sugar/low calorie option, not to mention the added benefits of using hemp, as well as other healing apoptogenic herbs, as part of the ingredient list,” said Soheil Samimi, investor and Director at GTL. “We are not only certain that this product line will be a hit within mainstream retail channels but look forward as well to introducing the CBD infused version in the near future.”

Bay’s mission with her Vibe Life Inc. products is to help “heal humanity and the planet one sip at a time.”

Vibe Life Inc. will join GTL’s Acceleration Program, which features a self-directed model that provides innovators and entrepreneurs with a clear roadmap to achieving their growth goals, receiving funding along the way. Vibe Life will join GTL as its fourth cohort company.

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