PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced its integration with AJINGA, a leader in mobile-social recruiting. As China’s first fully mobile enabled application management system, AJINGA connects recruiters, hiring managers and candidates to increase applicant conversions and better facilitate hiring decisions. Phenom People and AJINGA will enable global customers to power a superior candidate experience through extracting and feeding insights from career sites and WeChat into the applicant tracking system (ATS).

WeChat has transformed from a personal application to a professional platform. Working together, Phenom People and AJINGA will host and create WeChat recruiting instances. With more than one billion active users, WeChat is the premier mobile messaging app in China and beyond. In addition, AJINGA’s experience with Chinese job boards will provide global brands with direct reach and access to Chinese audiences.

“AJINGA is dedicated to aligning employers’ hiring goals with best-fit candidates. We do that by partnering with industry-leading companies that allow us to focus on the alignment of global ATS with local job boards and WeChat to aid local recruiting needs and agencies,” said Beecher Ashley-Brown, vice president of Marketing at AJINGA. “Phenom People’s talent experience management provides our joint customers with the personalized experiences global brands need and demand to attract talent.”

Companies in China rely heavily on global ATS technology for hiring candidates due to stringent security protocols that regulate the data generated by these systems. But due to the local internet regulatory environment, accessing these ATS systems from within China is often slow and inflexible, causing delays in the hiring process and ultimately unfulfilled candidates. By virtue of the partnership, Phenom People and AJINGA are committed to supporting recruiters and hiring managers with a seamless candidate experience.

“AJINGA shares our mission to create a savvy and easy-to-use recruiting experience and expand into global markets on WeChat,” said Saumil Gandhi, vice president of Strategic Alliances at Phenom People. “Customers using the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform will now have the option to discover jobs and candidates via WeChat as an additional channel. With a talent pool in the billions, it’s a critical market to serve and we’re excited to join forces with AJINGA to deliver on our joint commitment.”

Phenom People delivers the Talent Experience Management platform, providing companies with a unified solution for: Candidate Experience (Career Site, CMS, University Recruiting, Chatbot), Recruiter Experience (CRM, Campaigns, SMS, AI Insights), Employee Experience (Internal Mobility, Diversity, Chatbot, Referrals), and Management Experience (Talent Analytics, Succession, Reporting, Forecasting). The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI), driving personalization, automation and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees and management. It eliminates multiple-point solutions, connects with quality candidates and employees through personalized experiences, and delivers top talent while driving ROI.

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AJINGA is a cloud based recruiting technology service company with proven solutions that increase job applications, improve efficiency and facilitate better hiring decisions in the era of mobile-social recruiting.

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