San Diego, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LionDesk, a best-in-class sales and marketing platform for sales professionals, announced the introduction of a mortgage industry specific version of their popular CRM and Transaction Management platform. Exclusively inside the new V2 platform, this new version is available to lenders, loan officers, mortgage brokers and more.

"We already have a large user base of lenders, loan officers, mortgage brokers, and title reps, and wanted to give them a system that's specific to their business," said David Anderson, LionDesk founder and CEO.  With the V2 platform mortgage professionals now have access to the advanced transaction management system which allows for seamless communication and management across every stage."

"Mortgage professionals experience similar challenges to real estate agents," said Marni Hale, LionDesk head of Marketing.  "It's all about lead nurturing and follow-up which LionDesk makes incredibly easy, but we realized that mortgage professionals need a platform that's specific to the language they use, the fields that are most important to them and the pipeline stages that are relevant to their business."

The LionDesk Mortgage platform includes:

  • Custom Contact Fields
  • Prebuilt Transaction pipelines for Purchase and Re-Fi
  • Pre-written Mortgage specific Auto Drip Campaign templates
  • Advanced filters including exclusions and saved lists
  • Video Email and Video Texting
  • And so much more

"It was a natural extension for us to build LionDesk for the mortgage industry," added Anderson.  "Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers communicate with each other daily, work the same clientele, and have the same needs.  An easy to use, powerful, and integrated sales automation tool that unifies the consumer experience that allows the sales professional to be more efficient and effective with the limited time they have each day."

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About LionDesk:
LionDesk  is a best-in-class CRM and Transaction Management platform for sales professionals serving multiple industries including; real estate, mortgage, insurance, and auto. Designed for ease of use and flexibility, the solution is rooted in customization and productivity, allowing users to build a wide range of engagement and relationship management campaigns to create lifelong clients and close leads faster. LionDesk offers, among other features, intelligent drip campaigns, video emails and texting, text-2-sell short codes, task reminders, and transaction management.

Media Contact:
Marni Hale
Head of Marketing, LionDesk