Psomagen Launches At-Home DNA Testing Products

Furthering the Genetic Revolution Through Personal DNA & Microbiome Test Kits

Rockville, Maryland, UNITED STATES

ROCKVILLE, MD, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROCKVILLE, MD — October 15, 2019 — Psomagen, Inc., a sequencing and data analysis firm for research and clinical application at the forefront of the bioscience industry, today announced the release of its highly-anticipated personal DNA test kits: “Gene & GutBiome” and “GutBiome+.” Effective immediately as a launching promotion, Psomagen is offering the Gene & GutBiome product in a bundle for $99 (list price at $199) and GutBiome+ product for $129 (list price at $299). The company eagerly looks to the future with great anticipation and optimism about these kits’ ability to further the DNA revolution and the quest for genetic self-discovery.

About “Gene & GutBiome” and “GutBiome+”

With Psomagen’s 15 year history in the US, we are excited to pave the way for personal care with our science through home genetic testing products. We are especially excited to be launching a product that bridges the knowledge gap between the genes encoding for the human host vs. the microorganism community in the gut modulated by lifestyle. Psomagen’s CEO, Ryan Kim, emphasized the company’s plans to continue as a leader in personal genetic & gut biome testing, and said this product release was a giant stride forward. 

The “Gene & GutBiome” combines the genetic traits of the human host (“Gene”) and the microbiome of the human gut (“GutBiome”) to provide insight into the dynamic interaction between host and its microbiome. With both saliva (“Gene”) and stool (“GutBiome”) samples, this product will delve into more than 100 different genetic traits or tendencies and determine the current gut status with recommendations for each person’s unique metabolism. Psomagen further plans to provide web-based social networking environment in facilitating the “Gene” test as a fun opportunity to compare insights with family and friends who have also participated in the testing, while the “GutBiome” test determines if the current diet of the individual is helping or hurting one’s gut health.

“GutBiome+” offers much of the same functionality as GutBiome but examines the microbiome more extensively and with a more advanced sequencing method. These gut health tests provide users with the knowledge they need to be more proactive about their health and make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. 

About Psomagen, Inc.

The US headquarters of Psomagen, Inc. was established in 2004 under the name Macrogen Corp. Since its establishment, the company has been an active participant in DNA testing with CLIA certification and CAP accreditation, and has quickly worked its way to the top, gaining recognition as an industry leader. Through in-depth research and exploration within the field of genetics, Psomagen has identified the most effective techniques for DNA testing and stays updated on all of the latest updates in gene technology, regularly participating in major global research studies.

Psomagen carries out all personal DNA tests at PsomaHealth Laboratory with the required CLIA certification and laboratory permits. You can learn more about their accreditations and processes at and purchase the personal DNA test kits at

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