Teewinot Announces Availability of Cannabinol for Commercial Cannabinoid Market

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Proprietary manufacturing process, CannSynthesis®, produces cannabinol oil at >98% purity with no detectable THC

First company to manufacture cannabinol using chemical synthesis at commercial scale

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation (“Teewinot” or the “Company”), a global leader in the biosynthetic production of cGMP cannabinoids and cannabinoid analogs as new chemical entities, today announced the availability of high purity (>98%) CBN (cannabinol) in kilogram quantities produced using its CannSynthesis® chemical synthesis process. With this announcement, Teewinot has become the first company capable of manufacturing cannabinol using chemical synthesis at commercial scale for individual purchase or under supply agreements.   

In addition, Teewinot has developed biocatalytic processes using the CannSynthesis® technology platform to produce the acid and varin forms of rare cannabinoids. These forms have varying physical and chemical properties, and pharmacological attributes that make them uniquely suited to specific therapeutic uses across a wide range of medical needs, and optimal for different types of drug formulation and delivery modalities. CannSynthesis® can produce the acid and varin forms of THC, CBD, CBN, CBL, CBG and CBC.

“CBN has several known health benefits and is a key ingredient in a growing range of consumer products,” said Mike Luther, Chief Executive Officer of Teewinot. “We believe we are in the right place at the right time with a unique manufacturing technology that can meet rapidly-growing demand.”  

Steve Orndorff, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of Teewinot, further stated, “With our CannSynthesis® biocatalytic manufacturing process, we can produce synthetic, stable acid and varin forms of rare cannabinoids with the purity and consistency required by the consumer and pharmaceutical industries. These capabilities will allow us to not only produce CBN, but to also build a world-class therapeutic pipeline that creates significant opportunities for collaboration and licensing agreements with leading pharma and biotech companies. We continue to expand our portfolio of rare cannabinoids that we can manufacture and develop New Chemical Entity derivatives for our drug discovery and development effort.”

Teewinot currently has 21 issued patents globally and more than 50 applications pending. Issued patents are in key jurisdictions and cover many aspects of the company’s proprietary CannSynthesis® discovery and manufacturing process, including the biosynthesis of cannabinoid analogs and prodrugs and their use as therapeutic agents. The company continues to pursue additional patent claims to further strengthen its intellectual property protection.   

About CannSynthesis®

CannSynthesis® is the world’s only patent-protected biocatalytic process for the production of rare cannabinoids from bench to cGMP commercial scale. It utilizes a modular approach for bioreactions to produce specific rare cannabinoids at high titer and purity with high efficiency and speed.  The biocatalytic process is complemented with a variety of proprietary chemical transformations to convert the biologically-derived cannabinoids into other rare cannabinoids. Today, this platform allows for Teewinot to deliver the widest and most diverse range of cannabinoids for the growing market demand.    

About Teewinot Life Sciences

Teewinot Life Sciences is a global leader in the biosynthetic development and production of cannabinoids and their derivatives for consumer and pharmaceutical products. The Company is leveraging a unique integrated biocatalytic and chemical synthesis platform, that allows the production of an unprecedented range of cannabinoids and cannabinoid NCEs from bench to cGMP manufacturing.  This platform supports Teewinot’s drug discovery programs as well as industry partnerships for pharmaceutical and consumer product development. Teewinot is revolutionizing the synthetic cannabinoid space with its cost-effective, commercial scale approach to meet the global growing demand for cannabinoid-based products to address unmet health, wellness, and therapeutic needs.

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