Turnkey Far-Field Voice Activation Kit From DSP Group and DSP Concepts to be Showcased at Broadband World Forum

Kit’s best-in-class processors and algorithms accelerate implementation of advanced voice control and machine-learning for rapidly expanding range of smart home devices

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SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSP Group, Inc., a global leader in wireless chipsets for a wide range of smart-enabled devices, and DSP Concepts, Inc., a developer of embedded audio processing solutions, have announced Cherry, a reference kit that combines DSP Group’s DBMD7 SmartVoice processors with DSP Concepts’ TalkTo™ suite of microphone processing and machine-learning algorithms for voice-controlled systems. TalkTo can cancel up to 40 dB of referenced source sound and 30 dB of unreferenced noise, bringing accurate and reliable voice control to far-field voice applications such as TVs, set-top boxes, home gateways, sound bars and smart speakers that often operate in high-noise environments.

In addition to TalkTo, Cherry supports DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver® to let developers quickly and effectively craft and deploy custom voice-processing as well as speaker processing algorithms on the DBMD7.

DSP Group will be demonstrating the Cherry reference kit at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this week.

The DBMD7 processors part of DSP Group’s SmartVoice family of audio & voice processing solutions for edge devices. SmartVoice processor features include scalability, low power, cost effectiveness and the ability to also bring best-in-class always-on voice control and voice call performance to power-sensitive applications. In the case of Cherry’s target products, the DBMD7 meets the need for high-performance processing to run the advanced algorithms required for far-field voice activation, accuracy, range and reliability. At the same time, it allows the Cherry to help meet vendors’ EnergyStar requirements for stand-by power consumption.

“The DBMD7 line of audio & voice processors carefully balances the low power consumption needed for smart sensing with the high-performance compute capability and large embedded memory needed for high-quality, low-latency voice and ML processing at the edge,” said Yosi Brosh, CVP, SmartVoice at DSP Group. “Combined with DSP Concepts’ TalkTo and Audio Weaver technologies in the Cherry reference kit, designers can more easily tap the full potential of our DBMD7 processors to quickly and cost effectively deploy high-end voice control in what we are seeing to be an expanding array of exciting, next-generation products.”

“We’re excited to have TalkTo and Audio Weaver running on DSP Group’s DBMD7 processors in the Cherry kit,” said Paul Beckmann, DSP Concepts’ CTO and founder. “The DBMD7 makes it easy to add advanced audio processing to devices such as TVs, home gateways, and set-top boxes, where the performance of existing processors is already maxed out. Its energy-efficient design will help bring our TalkTo technology into new applications such as portable and battery-powered products, while DSP Group’s excellent sales and technical support organizations will make it easier than ever to bring our technologies to these markets.”

To see the demonstration of Cherry at Broadband World Forum, email info@dspg.com or contact Tali Chen, below.

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