Releases "The Power of WOW", Shares Electrifying Stories From Every Corner of the Business

Customer service company’s new book features powerful stories and lessons learned in business and life, straight from Zapponians' mouths!

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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the customer service company that just happens to sell shoes, clothing and more, announced today the release of its new employee-powered book, “The Power of WOW”. Known for happy customers, passionate employees, and delivering on its promises (and as the company that coined the term ‘fungineer’, throwing a good party of course!), Zappos’ radically innovative employees continue to disrupt the average corporate company stigma, over and over again. How do they do it!? The not-so top-secret secrets are in the pages.

In “The Power of WOW,” Zapponians from every part of the business share powerful stories and lessons that they’ve learned in business and life—from delivering exceptional customer service that WOWs to creating a self-organized organizational structure using Market-Based Dynamics (phew, that one’s a mouthful!), and everything in between.

Filled with the authentic, diverse and inevitably a little weird – it is one of the company’s 10 core values after all – voices of Zapponians, “The Power of WOW” gives readers an immersive understanding of how the customer service company is finding resilience throughout two decades of embracing and driving change. This glimpse inside the adventurous world of Zappos reveals how a self-organized company is opening up avenues for employees to pursue their passions in the workplace and evolve the business from the inside out.

"Ever since hitting the road in a tour bus in 2010 to share my book 'Delivering Happiness' with the world, the question has come up about if and when there would be a follow up book about what's happened at Zappos since then," said Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos. "It takes a village to raise a company, and every single employee has played a unique role in our evolution. So it only made sense to let our employees tell the story from their perspectives. I hope people enjoy reading 'The Power of WOW' as much as I do living and breathing our crazy adventures together every day."

Whether it’s a customer, an employee, a business leader, entrepreneur, or someone who just happens to pick up the book, “The Power of WOW” is an example of how leading and infusing humanity into the workplace can change everything in business, community, and life.

“The Power of WOW” is available today at local bookstores, retailers, and

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