WishBone Medical, Inc. Signs Global Distribution Agreement With Optimal

WARSAW, Ind., Oct. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WishBone Medical announces the signing of a global distribution agreement with Optimal, immediately spawning widespread distribution opportunities to reach children with orthopedic issues everywhere.

The commitment to provide global access to innovative, anatomically appropriate implants and instruments for children just became a reality. This distribution agreement will open access to thousands of channel partner sales associates and allow delivery of WishBone Medical’s single-use, sterile packed, complete procedure kits to surgeons that care for children in thousands of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers anywhere in the world, next day.

Optimal’s well-established Master Distribution program is partnered with all of the national distributors across the country and can reach virtually all surgeons in the pediatric orthopedics industry – a global market worth $2.5 billion*. Additionally, Optimal’s Government Services program will provide direct access to Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Centers and Department of Defense (DoD) Military Treatment Facilities around the world, as well as Indian Health Service (IHS) Hospitals across the U.S.

“This is a huge day for surgeons who have not been able to gain access to pediatric orthopedic implants. The collaboration between WishBone Medical and Optimal creates a phenomenal network and outreach to the pediatric patient and their caregivers that has been needed for a long, long time,” says Nick Deeter, WishBone Medical’s Founder and CEO.

Deeter went on to say, “Anatomically appropriate implants for children are limited to a small number of pediatric orthopedic hospitals because of the old distribution model of using reusable commodity instruments and implants, which leaves 95% of pediatric patients* to be treated with FDA off-label implants. The WishBone Medical business model of sterile packed procedure kits, along with Optimal’s logistics capabilities, will bypass these obstacles and make it possible to help ALL kids with orthopedic issues. Beyond the expansion to more than 40,000 annual births* of children at military-based hospitals, the WishBone team is ecstatic about the sizable opportunity to provide orthopedic solutions for U.S. Veterans who can benefit from our Kids of All AgesTM configurations. Using WishBone products in adults just means we won’t drill holes or put screws where their growth plates used to be. Children and Veterans represent two groups that we are honored to help.  

“I’ve been excited about the potential to work with WishBone Medical since first meeting with them. With this partnership, Optimal will have the immediate opportunity to enter the orthopedic market focused on children, thanks in large part to WishBone’s sterile packed procedure kits.”

— Manny Losada
CEO & President of Optimal/MedPro Associates

Chief Revenue Officer for WishBone Medical, Kevin Blue, summarizes the significance of the partnership: “The combined collaboration, focus and teamwork from two industry leading sales teams will allow us to maximize our efforts to help children around the world. In my 30 years in this industry, I have never witnessed an event so impactful. This opportunity is truly unprecedented and will prove to be a paradigm shift not only in pediatric solutions – but for the orthopedic industry.”

*Data on file.

About WishBone Medical, Inc.
WishBone Medical is a global pediatric orthopedic company, committed to providing anatomically appropriate innovative implants, instruments, and biologics in sterile packed, single-use disposable kits, to prevent infection, reduce overall costs for our customers and achieve the best outcomes for children around the world who are still growing. Through recent acquisitions, WishBone Medical now offers 42 pediatric orthopedic product systems with operations in Warsaw, IN, Istanbul, Turkey, and Singapore.

For more information, visit WishBoneMedical.com or call Kaitlyn Hughes, Director of Marketing & Communications, at +1-574-306-4006.

About Optimal
Optimal provides highly automated logistics inventory services, along with solution-driven capabilities targeted at reducing customers’ operating and sales expense. Optimal has expanded from traditional Optimal Overstock to include Optimal Master Distribution (MD) and Optimal Government Services (OGS), all of which represent a “lower cost to serve” option for the healthcare industry.

For more information, visit OptimalMax.com.

Kaitlyn Hughes