Global Fiber's Authentic Heroes Subsidiary Ready to Launch "The Next Generation of Sports Memorabilia”

Brett Favre's Limited Edition Jerseys To Be Released In November

Somerset NJ, Oct. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Fiber Technologies, Inc., (OTCQB: GFTX) and its Authentic Heroes subsidiary are ready to launch the first of many of its one of a kind collectible fanwear utilizing a patent pending process. The process extracts the original fibers from a “historic event worn” jersey and then digitally encodes them back into a multiple set of limited-edition jerseys. Our goal is to become the Rolex or "Gold Standard" of fanwear stated Paul Serbiak Global's CEO.

Mr. Serbiak Authentic’s further stated  “For the last few years we have worked on perfecting our proprietary technology and manufacturing process. Now that we completed those tasks, we are now concentrating on making certain that the buyer experience is second to none.

The Brett Favre Collectible Series is a culmination of our efforts.  It is a collaborative effort between the largest talent agency in the world, IMG and its Football Greats Alliance, Brett Favre and  our subsidiary Authentic Heroes.  This commemorative series of fanwear will get its liftoff in the coming days. Our artistic approach to these one of a kind jerseys will be on display shortly. It is truly artwork on a football jersey since we commission talented artists to render our desired interpretation of a historic moment in Brett Favre's career. So we want to make certain for the fan that the experience is both visual and psychological. It is what we like to call, “Event Worn Reborn” or "The "Rebirth of Collectable Clothing"

It’s the ability to own a piece of history for a fraction of the price the original would have cost.  It is like owning a limited-edition lithograph that you can wear to the game or memorialize in a frame and hang in your man cave as a memorabilia piece.

There are also several “Wow Factors” for the owner of one of our jerseys.  One example would be the ability to see the original fibers from a game worn jersey by using a UV pen light that we provide and shining it on the garment. The original fibers run throughout the jersey so that anywhere you place that pen light those historic fibers will glow. You will also have your own personal online vault where your purchase is recorded, registered, numbered and authenticated. The origins of ownership will also be recorded on our upcoming block chain for not only the item’s provenance but for the potential of a resale on our auction site that is being built out as we speak.

We are well into the production process and have now taken the fibers from one of Brett’s historic “game worn” jersey’s and are in the process of creating the final garments which will go on pre-sale in mid to late November.

Lastly, before the jerseys go on sale we will be launching a contest on Facebook to win a few Brett Favre jerseys. Those jerseys will be numbered, registered, authenticated and one very special jersey, will be signed by Brett.”

Chris Giordano Authentic’s President and Chairman further stated “ We are truly excited about our business model which at its helm has substantial economic advantages for the celebrity and delivers a value driven product to their fans. It is  truly a win-win model that delivers a superior value to both sides.

Typically, a professional athlete will sell his game worn jersey at an auction house. At auction one thing happens.  That jersey is sold to the highest bidder and that’s where it ends.  It accomplished a one-time economic event that neither maximized the monetization of that game worn jersey nor extended the athlete’s brand with his or her fan base. With the Authentic Heroes model we are giving both sides a value added proposition.

Through the aggressive hyper-marketing that we’ll deploy, the athlete will achieve far greater economic results than they ever could by selling their “game worn” through a typical sports memorabilia auction site.  From just the perspective of pure economics, it would be difficult for an athlete or celebrity not to consider to our model over the auction model because the economic advantage that we deliver over an auction sale is exponential.  For example, a jersey that would sell at auction for $10-15,000 would fetch up to $150,000 or more with our Royalty and Services Agreement model. In the process of maximizing economic results for the player we are also in a sense, 56062 - Copy democratizing the playing field for the purchase of game worn memorabilia by enabling the fan to purchase a limited edition “giclee” at a very affordable price. It opens up the door to a huge untapped market. The fan gets to purchase a piece of history that memorializes his or her favorite player at a great price. It creates a feel-good moment for the fan which furthers their bond with that player and builds loyalty to the Authentic Heroes brand.

Another very important aspect of what we do combined with the efforts of IMG/FGA is that with each purchase of a Brett Favre or any other FGA athlete there is the “give back” to the Greater Good Fund which was started by Football Greats Alliance to provide healthcare as well as to promote the welfare for retired players not covered by health insurance or other benefits that they rightfully deserve. We fully expect to always give back to a greater cause as we move forward in our development in building our brand and following. 

We look forward to the November launch of the Brett Favre Series and working with IMG/FGA nad signing additional agreements with their other stand-out sports celebrities over the coming months.In addition, through the key relationships we have with other agencies and management companies we expect to further our product line into other areas of  professional sports as well as music and pop culture in the coming months each one that can generate several hundred thousand to several million in sales which in the process will create significant shareholder value going forward.

We would like to welcome the entire world of sports enthusiasts, collectors, players, journalists and investors to the new generation of collectible fanwear."  "Welcome to Fanwear 2.0.”

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