Billionaire Hires Three Major UK Law Firms to Fight Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred

Alki David, CEO of FilmOn, announced he has hired British firms 5RB, Edwin Coe and BCL Solicitors, as well as human rights lawyer David Haigh; Criminal and civil suits against The Bloom Firm and Allred Maroko & Goldberg will follow after evidence was submitted in L.A. Superior Court alleging that Allred’s firm committed felony forgery and fraud

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alki David announced today that he has hired top UK firms 5RB Barristers, Edwin Coe and BCL Solicitors, as well as legendary human rights lawyer David Haigh, to bring civil and criminal suits against The Bloom Firm and Allred Maroko & Goldberg. The goal of the suits is to reveal the criminal methods Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred use to exploit the ideals of civil rights for their own gain. Alki David's team of attorneys will file criminal and civil suits alleging Perversion of the Course of Justice, Corporate Extortion, Perjury, Client Fixing and Legal Thuggery to Extort.

The announcement comes on the same day that David's U.S. attorney Ellyn Garofolo of Venable LLP filed evidence in the L.A. Superior Court of Judge Michelle Williams that alleges that Allred Maroko & Goldberg committed felony forgery when they tampered with evidence and witness lists in the current trial Kahn v. David.  Alki David is the CEO of FilmOn Networks (also known as FOTV), which was founded in the UK. 

“I’ve got a legal armada now,” said Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks and Hologram USA. “I’m not only going to clear my good name from years of false allegations and slander, and I am going to make sure that Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred aren't able to do this to anyone else. They came after the wrong guy."

Alki David has been the target of a connected web of civil employment suits brought by Harvey Weinstein-associate Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred. One goal of the UK legal action is to shed light on the fact that the Bloom and Allred suits were hatched together after Allred allegedly illegally disclosed sealed financial documents to a group of David’s employees. Evidence will be shown that the attorneys and plaintiffs then actively recruited more plaintiffs and witnesses with offers of money and jobs--triggering a California State Bar investigation

"Ellyn has revealed time and time again in court questioning that Bloom, Allred and her partner Nathan Goldberg have coached plaintiff's and witnessses to perjure themselves," said David. "We have evidence that shows the ex-employees have been promised money and jobs to help with the suits. We've caught them coaching witnesses so blatantly--and not even getting their stories lined up. It's all in the transcripts. They're trying to blindside the jury with these so-called 'MeToo Witnesses' who stand to gain financially from their testimony."

5RB is the leading media and communications law firm in the UK, with a proven track record in the area of defamation, slander and malicious falsehood. William Bennet will lead the 5RB team. Edwin Coe LLP was named the Best Law Firm of 2018 by the Times of London. Joanna Osborne will lead the team for Alki David. BCL Solicitors LLP are the top ranked specialists in international business crime, boasting the largest specialized team in the UK, and expertise in cross-jurisdictional action. Partner John Binns will lead the BCL team. 

David Haigh, CEO of Detained International and Co-Founder of Stirling Haigh, is the human rights lawyer and international crisis and media manager, known worldwide for his work for the falsely accused and for his testimony at the United Nations. One of his many high profile clients is HRH Princess Sheikha Latifa Bin Rashid Al Maktoun of Dubai.

Allred Maroko & Goldberg’s Nathan Goldberg has repeatedly suggested in court that the cases merited being considered internationally and so now he gets his wish. 

"My legal team is the best in the world," said Alki David. "We will prevail." 

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About FOTV Media Networks: FOTV Media Networks and FilmOn Networks are the streaming TV platform founded by Alki David. FilmOn has been called the pioneer of the cord cutting era. The company has offices in London and Hollywood. FilmOn offers over 700 streaming TV channels free and on a subscription basis, plus thousands of VOD films. For more information: 




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