Less Medicine, Better Results: Gofire Beta Testers Report Increased Efficacy Using Precision-dose Technology

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Controlled convection vaporization process, 2.5 mg incremental dosing decreases waste while enhancing outcomes from plant-based medicines

DENVER, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People using the Gofire Health Suite reported they required less medicine to achieve better outcomes than when using other medical delivery devices for plant-based medicine, according to a survey of 60 participants in Gofire’s beta testing program.

Testers using the Gofire Inhaler pulmonary drug delivery device along with the Gofire App to track dosing and outcomes reported an average 75 percent decrease in the amount of medicine they ingested to achieve similar or better results compared to prior regimens or treatments, according to respondents of a post-study survey. As a result, the amount of medicine required was significantly reduced, lowering overall cost of medicine.

Feedback from beta testers throughout the program identified significant areas for improvement, creating opportunities for Gofire engineers to refine key features of the Gofire Inhaler, including:

  • Temperature settings: Feedback from beta testers provided information that helped  solidify the Gofire Inhaler’s temperature correlation algorithm.
  • Vapor detection: Beta tester responses to the Gofire Inhaler’s dosing function spurred improvements to the device’s vapor detection technology, providing more accurate “dose completion” notifications.
  • Improved thermodynamics: Suggestions from beta testers surrounding the vaporization process lead to key improvements in air flow, increasing the overall efficiency of the convection oven.
  • Cartridge functionality: Testers determined that Gofire SmartCartridges were sometimes challenging to insert into the Gofire Inhaler, identifying a needed design change that made cartridge insertion fool proof.

“We are humbled by the time and dedication these individuals took to help us test and refine the Gofire Health Suite, and we’re thrilled with the valuable insights they’ve provided,” said Peter Calfee, CEO of Gofire. “It’s extremely gratifying to see the terrific results they’ve experienced. With their help, we’ve been able to further enhance and improve our platform and are ready to deliver it to a public clamoring for a safe, reliable method of dosing plant-based medicine.”

The beta test occurred over a four-month period from March to June 2019 and included 60 patients using the Gofire Health Suite to dose and monitor results from a variety of plant-based medicine concentrates for ailments including chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. In addition, beta test survey respondents reported the following:

  • 77 percent of respondents said the Gofire Inhaler allowed them to accurately dose to create a predictable result
  • 83 percent said that the Gofire Inhaler’s heating time worked quickly for vaporization
  • 92 percent said they felt safe using the Gofire Inhaler as a medicine delivery device

“With the help of our dedicated beta testers, Gofire is poised to introduce the world’s most technologically advanced delivery method for plant-based medicines,” Calfee said. “We look forward to helping patients everywhere find better relief with fewer side effects and more reliable results.”

About Gofire
Gofire is a healthcare technology company developing a proprietary smart inhaler that pairs with a personal dosing app to allow patients to create consistent experiences with plant-based medicines. With the support of anonymized crowdsourced data, Gofire users find products best suited to their specific needs based on recommendations from the Gofire community, helping to remove the fear of taking too much. Gofire is committed to making health resources safe and accessible through standardizing dose regimens and helping people realize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of alternative health products through a new take on wellness innovation. Visit their website here, and follow Gofire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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