Gofire Launches Patented, Metered-dose Inhaler to Vaporization Market Seeking Safe, Accurate Dose Control

Precise 2.5 mg dose extrusion technology, convection heating and safeguards against contamination combine in world’s first medical-grade dosing device

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

DENVER, Nov. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthcare technology firm Gofire™, an innovator of hardware and software solutions that aid in dose delivery, health tracking, and medication management via connected devices, announced today it has launched its long-anticipated metered-dose Inhaler following nearly five years of research, development, refinement and testing.

“Today we are proud to deliver the world’s most precise inhaler device to a public demanding a safe, scientifically backed system for the use of plant-based medicine,” said Peter Calfee, CEO of Gofire. “Amid nationwide safety concerns about vaporizers, we are humbled to bring our technology to a market that clearly recognizes the benefits of this drug delivery method but has few, if any, safe and reliable ways to approach it. Our Gofire Inhaler offers the most accurate, metered-dose experience available for plant medicine while providing protections against the conditions that have created health concerns among vaporization users.”

The Gofire Inhaler features revolutionary technologies that transform the delivery of inhaled, vaporized medicine, including:

  • Metered-dose control in 2.5 mg increments: Gofire’s technology physically extrudes the medicine from the cartridge through a thermal barrier and into a separate convection oven for vaporization, eliminating the common industry practice of re-heating the oil with each inhale, which can cause degradation of the medicine and allows harmful compounds to contaminate the oil.
  • Dose completion detection: Vapor detection alerts you when a dose is complete or when there’s still medicine to be inhaled remaining in the oven, ensuring that every dose is precise.
  • SmartCartridge technology: Developed with safety in mind, Gofire’s SmartCartridge is molded from FDA-approved, BPA-free, Class VI pharmaceutical-grade plastics, abolishing concerns about heavy metals leaching into the medicine. In addition, the cartridge possesses a microchip allowing you to view the medicine’s chemical profile  pulled directly from lab results, in the Gofire App to know what you’re putting into your body.
  • Precise temperature convection heating: Customizable in single-degree increments, the Gofire Inhaler features true convection vaporization, not conduction or combustion, ensuring only pure medicine vapor is inhaled and no carcinogens are produced.  
  • Material versatility: The Gofire Inhaler is compatible with loose-leaf and extract materials.
  • Product safety: Gofire thoroughly vets its cartridge-filling manufacturers and only partners with formulators whose commitment to quality and good health meets Gofire’s high standards. As a condition for filling its cartridges, Gofire requires partners to abstain from using any outside excipients, including Vitamin E Acetate, Propylene Glycol, MCT oil and others -- and Gofire SmartCartridges are designed to work with even the most viscous oils so that no thinning additives are necessary.

“Consumers are rightfully concerned about contaminants in medicine like heavy metals, as well as additives like Vitamin E Acetate and Propylene Glycol,” Calfee said. “We understood five years ago that these issues could create dangerous health concerns in vaporizers, and it’s exactly why we’ve spent the time and resources to develop a pulmonary drug delivery platform that eliminates these issues.”

As part of its rigorous development process, the Gofire Inhaler has been proving itself as an effective tool for medical dose management throughout 2019. In March, Gofire launched its Beta Testing Program with 60 patients using the Inhaler to manage a wide variety of conditions. In July Colorado State University and Gofire announced the launch of a three-stage clinical trials study, becoming the first study in the nation to utilize objective, precise technology to accurately evaluate plant-based medicine intake, record chemical profiles and to monitor health outcomes.

Initial accolades for the Gofire Inhaler’s capabilities have come from a wide variety of sources:

  • “This is a milestone event for research. Gofire’s technology allows our lab to gather consistent and accurate measurements when conducting research.” – Bradley T. Conner, Ph.D., associate professor and director of addiction counseling at Colorado State University
  • “The Gofire Inhaler is a major upgrade in the world of vaporizing.” – Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine
  • “Precise dosing and a repeatable experience are exactly what physicians like myself have been wanting.” – Michael Keller, MD, medical director at Summit Primary Care

“We’re gratified by the response we’ve received thus far, particularly from patients who have shared with us how much the Inhaler helps them manage their conditions,” Calfee said. “We can’t wait to start hearing from others as more people benefit from the ability to accurately dose, track and manage their use of plant-based medicines.”

The result of countless hours of R&D, backed by intelligence from researchers and healthcare professionals, the Gofire Inhaler gives patients control over their health by administering precise doses of plant-based medicine concentrates at customized temperature settings, while allowing them to easily track data, personal outcomes and desired effects through the Gofire personal dosing application. Together, the Gofire Inhaler and Gofire App create a “smart health ecosystem” enabling the precise dosage and replicable experience patients and physicians have been seeking from alternative medicines. The Gofire Inhaler is available now for $299 via Gofire’s website (https://gofire.co) and at select retailers and physicians offices. 

If you are a technology or innovation writer, contact media@gofire.co to inquire about receiving a demo Gofire Inhaler to review.

About Gofire
Gofire is a healthcare technology company developing a proprietary smart inhaler that pairs with a personal dosing app to allow patients to create consistent experiences with plant-based medicines. By removing the fear of taking too much while gaining the support of crowdsourced data, Gofire users find products best suited to their specific needs. Gofire is committed to making health resources safe and accessible through standardizing dose regimens by delivery method and by patient condition. Gofire is helping people realize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of alternative health products through a new take on wellness innovation. Visit their website here, and follow Gofire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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