BOCA RATON, Nov. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doc of Detox now offers American consumers several nutritional products that utilize Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and Life Crystals.

“We are bringing to the United States several Doc of Detox nutritional products,” said Joshua Flint, managing director and founder of The Goodly Company, which makes these products under the Doc of Detox brand. “We have the best organic humic and fulvic acid and we have organic Life Crystals.”

Doc of Detox also mechanically extracts its organic humic and fulvic acid rather than use chemical methods that other companies employ. The company’s humic and fulvic products are organically sourced from Alberta, Canada.  “This makes our product superior to brands that use chemical extraction practices,” Flint said.

The concentrated elixirs contain Life Crystals, which is ATP & GTP in a base of the five-carbon sugars.

“Doc of Detox products only use the best organic humic acid, fulvic acid, and Life Crystals,” Flint said.

Currently, Doc of Detox has five products on the market at the popular health and wellness portal,

  • ATP Plus concentrate is a powerful energizing formula. ATP – called the energy molecule of life powering all cellular function is – the most essential compound within the human body.
  • Black Gold Humic Powder contains organic humic and fulvic acid from lignite coal deposits which are ancient decayed plant material, a key element of our nutrient-starved world.
  • Doc of Detox Tummy Love for the stomach contains all the lighter fractions of Humic Acids along with small amounts of Fulvic Acids.
  • Doc of Detox Fulvic Acid is the most powerful natural electrolyte and chelator of heavy metals.  Fulvic acid helps deliver nutrients to the body.

Fulvic acid in combination with the Life Crystals helps cleanse your system and provide nutrients your body needs.

For more information, check out and Doc of Detox’ social media accounts at Instagram, Facebook, and youtube.


Andrew Polin
The Goodly Company