SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With mass shootings becoming all too commonplace, Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT:TSX; PTOTF:OTCQX) has been working to develop a threat detection platform that is both unobtrusive and effective. The PATSCAN solution has evolved into a multi-sensor platform to detect and defend against active threats before they occur.

Company mentioned: Patriot One Technologies Inc.

"We think that this is the way to be the gold standard with early warning threat detection that our clients around the world are looking for," Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin said. "It is not possible for one technology alone to do all things for all people. So we have been diligently seeking out the best innovations, the best sensor technologies, that can come together onto a common platform."

In September, Patriot One beefed up its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities by acquiring XTRACT Technologies Inc., bringing additional expertise in AI and machine learning to the firm. Patriot One noted, "XTRACT has previously developed and successfully implemented solutions for military, government, industrial, environmental and transportation clients. Equally importantly, XTRACT's engineers and data scientists possess security clearance to work on government defense projects."

"Our original radar sensor has now been enhanced with targeted magnetic technology through a licensing deal with a San Diego company," Cronin explained. "We also acquired a video object recognition AI company out of New Brunswick, and we have a joint venture entity in Dallas, a spinoff from the University of Texas on explosive and other hazardous chemical detection."

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