NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlexIt, the app that enables users to workout at fitness clubs by paying only for the time they use (down to the minute), today announced the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) to its app, allowing users to virtually tour select club partners. The addition of the technology comes after impressive company growth – FlexIt is now partnered with over 1,000 locations across 20 states – in just 11 months since FlexIt’s launch. The AR experiences will go live with select partners in January 2020.

The incorporation of AR into the app enables users to take immersive tours of fitness clubs, inspiring a feeling of comfort that is akin to having already visited the clubs, before ever stepping foot inside the facilities’ doors. In-app, virtual tours provide insight into the layouts of FlexIt partner locations, including details down to specific machinery and the precise branding of that machinery. This technology permits users to check the availability of specific workout machines such as ellipticals, squat racks, rings, seated leg presses, etc., before their first visit to the club. Using AR tours, users can remotely plan their workouts and feel comfortable navigating facilities upon arrival.

The inclusion of digital renderings of gyms into the FlexIt app is the latest addition in an impressive lineup of features that make accessing fitness clubs less intimidating. The FlexIt experience includes a paper-free and seamless check-in/check-out process, allowing users to gain access to the full club experience, including amenities and classes.

“Providing a flexible, non-intimidating gym experience is core to FlexIt’s mission. The inclusion of AR in our technology ecosystem furthers this mission,” said Austin Cohen, Founder and CEO of FlexIt. “Over the past 11 months, we have received incredibly positive feedback, not only from fitness enthusiasts, but also from gym owners looking to increase their clubs’ exposure and visibility, bolster profitability and generate leads and new members. We have discovered that consumers prioritize optionality and have strong preferences as to where and when to work out. They expect technology to provide details to help make decisions. And that is exactly why we are launching the new AR tool – AR provides consumers with an added level of detail catering to the needs of today’s fitness enthusiasts. This allows users to make smarter decisions that empower them to satisfy their own unique needs and preferences.”

Launched in January of 2019, FlexIt was originally available in seven states and had 300 facilities – resulting in a growth of over 300% in available markets and of nearly 500% in partner locations in less than a year since the app launched.

“Over the past year, FlexIt’s growth has surpassed even our most ambitious projections,” said Cohen. “I founded FlexIt to maximize the accessibility of fitness clubs. Clubs have an exceptionally diverse array of offerings, and through FlexIt we hope to expand the opportunities for exploration as users pursue the clubs that suit them best. The emphasis on personalization and exploration has hit an all-time high in modern culture— fitness is headed there in parallel, with FlexIt spearheading that change. The reactions of our users continually assure us that we are on the right path, and we are privileged and thrilled to see the magnitude of positive feedback from our devoted users and adopters.”

The AR announcement comes on the heels of FlexIt’s dynamic pricing announcement, the feature that allows FlexIt users to intelligently sample clubs by finding the most cost-effective times and days of the week to fit their particular goals and lifestyles. FlexIt has new features in production, and will continue to roll out those and other exciting new features through the New Year.

FlexIt is currently available for download in the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about FlexIt and the new AR feature that will be available in the app January 2020, visit:

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FlexIt Inc. is the mobile app that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access fitness clubs wherever and whenever they want, and only pay for the amount of time that they are in the facility. In partnership with over 1,000 fitness clubs across the country, FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they expect, while generating leads and enhancing profitability for fitness clubs. FlexIt provides club access to users while simultaneously providing clubs with access to a large network of prospective members. FlexIt is available for download on iOS and Android in their respective app stores; for more information, please visit

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