Positive Behavior Support App Tackles the Tantrum, Puts Help in Quick Reach

NOVI, Mich., Nov. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The dreaded toddler meltdown has met its match: an app called myPath®. Developed by the early childhood education experts at Learning Care Group, this positive behavior support resource assists preschool teachers not only in responding to challenging classroom scenarios, but in preventing them in the first place.

“Almost 95% of child behaviors that parents or teachers might consider to be challenging are actually developmentally appropriate,” noted Dr. Susan Canizares, Chief Academic Officer, Learning Care Group. “Young children are learning how to interact with others, and need guidance in developing the critical skills that will help them express their ideas, wants and needs. If a child reacts negatively to a situation, it’s a teachable moment. myPath provides teachers with quick access to a wealth of proven strategies that encourage children in developing positive behaviors.”

Learning Care Group’s exclusive myPath app is part of the company’s comprehensive approach to positive behavior support that emphasizes teachers’ professional development and easily accessible resources. It offers a broad selection of age-appropriate tips for building social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills that help children engage positively with others.

myPath enables teachers to target a child’s specific behavioral and developmental needs in innovative and novel ways. It offers a variety of research-based strategies designed to address and prevent a wide range of challenging behaviors – from tantrums, to biting, screaming, a lack of participation, and more.

The guidance helps children understand the logical consequences of their actions, as well as helping teachers understand and direct their own responses as they manage challenging behaviors. myPath also offers pointers on setting up the classroom environment and daily routine in ways that are developmentally appropriate and engaging. As strategies are implemented, teachers track and monitor their effectiveness over time.

Creating a Supportive Environment for Children – and Their Teachers

By supporting teachers with professional development and resources such as myPath, Learning Care Group is taking aim at a troubling trend within early childhood education that has serious long-term implications. Studies show that, on an average school day in the U.S., roughly 250 preschoolers are expelled or suspended – often because of challenging behaviors such as aggression, tantrums and defiance. In fact, preschoolers are being expelled at more than three times the rate of K-12 students.

“When teachers are in the moment, if they’re not properly supported, they may have difficulty immediately assessing a situation, identifying behavior triggers and responding effectively,” said Canizares. “It takes just a few moments for a teacher to select a strategy from myPath and begin implementing it. When it comes to challenging behaviors, the support we offer children – and teachers – makes all the difference.”  

Strengthening the Bond between Home and School

myPath encourages collaboration among teachers in sharing best practices to help children grow and learn. It also promotes deeper collaboration among teachers and families in partnering to support a child’s developmental journey. Teachers can share the strategies they’re using at school for families to also work on at home with the child – such as tips for establishing predictable routines, teaching impulse control, and developing calming strategies.

myPath is now used by teachers at all levels at Learning Care Group locations nationwide – including Childtime, Creative Kids Learning Centers, Children’s Courtyard, Everbrook Academy, La Petite Academy, Montessori Unlimited, Pathways Learning Academy and Tutor Time preschools.  Check out what teachers at Learning Care Group schools have to say about myPath

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About Learning Care Group, Inc.

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Tackling the Tantrum