Download a PDF of detailed drill hole results at El Peñón
Download a PDF of detailed drill hole results at Minera Florida

TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YAMANA GOLD INC. (TSX:YRI; NYSE:AUY) (“Yamana” or “the Company”) today announced exploration results for the El Peñón and Minera Florida mines.

Exploration Highlights, El Peñón

  • Developed a new structural interpretation of faulting in the Angelina sector of the Deep Orito vein in 2019 that has been confirmed by drilling. Drilling intercepted wide, high-grade intervals of mineralization, indicating excellent potential for mineral reserve and mineral resource growth with the potential to further extend mine life.
  • Discovered a second vein at the Laguna satellite deposit with significant intervals over good widths.
  • Ongoing exploration and infill drilling of secondary veins in the core mine have produced good results from a number of structures, including Sorpresa, Dorada, and Aleste.
  • Completed a machine-learning study in mid-2019 with GoldSpot Discoveries Inc. (“GoldSpot”) that generated numerous exploration targets that are advancing via systematic surface exploration.

El Peñón is a long life operation with decades of production. Historically, mine life has extended beyond mineral reserves at any given point in time.  Year-over-year replacement of mined and depleted mineral resources has established a much longer mine life than suggested by mineral reserves alone. This is expected to continue. The new discoveries continue to demonstrate that the exploration potential at El Peñón remains significant and mine life will exceed currently estimated mineral reserves.

“The El Peñón mine entered production in 1999 with an estimated life of five years,” said Henry Marsden, Senior Vice President of Exploration at Yamana. “That was 20 years ago, and the operation’s mineral reserves are nearly the same today as they were then. Year after year, El Peñón recoups its mineral depletion and, based on the positive results that we are seeing, we believe this will continue for many years to come.”

Exploration Highlights, Minera Florida

  • Drilling in the consolidated Minera Florida property generated strong results, including new veins at better than life-of-mine grades, indicating excellent potential to replace mining depletion by year-end.
  • The PV Sur-Fantasma corridor continues to grow, with positive drill intercepts in a new discovery located between the two known mineralized zones. These intervals are considerably higher grade than life-of-mine grade.
  • Intercepts in the Bandolera zone, located east of the Maqui fault, demonstrate potential for new discoveries in an underexplored sector of the property.

“We are making good progress at Minera Florida in several different areas of the property,” Marsden said. “And while it often takes time for an exploration program to bear fruit — our Jacobina mine being a prime example of this — we are confident that the potential provided by the property consolidation completed in 2017 at Minera Florida will translate into significant new mineral reserves and mineral resources.”

Drilling results at El Peñón suggest steady year-over-year growth in mineral reserves and mineral resources. The goal of the mine’s exploration program is to continue to replace mineral depletion on an annual basis and continue exploration for a significant new vein. Just over 100,000 metres have been drilled year to date.

Drilling to test a new structural interpretation of low-angle fault displacements has resulted in several new, wide vein intercepts in the Angelina sector of the Deep Orito vein. This targeted discovery intercepted wide, high-grade intervals of mineralization, indicating excellent potential for mineral reserve and mineral resource growth with the potential to further extend mine life. Among the more notable results at Deep Orito are hole UIO0064, which intersected 32.40 grams per tonne (“g/t”) of gold and 169 g/t of silver across 4.70 metres (horizontal width), and hole UIO0073, which intersected 27.92 g/t of gold and 35 g/t of silver across 3.90 metres (horizontal width). See Table 1 for select drill results at Angelina and Figure 1 for a long-section view of those results. Figure 2 provides a cross section through Deep Orito showing the fault displacement of the mineralized structure at depth.  

Exploration of the Laguna satellite deposit, which is being prepared for production, has delineated a second vein, Laguna Oeste, with significant intervals over good widths. Drilling highlights from this zone include hole SDL0031, which intersected 55.24 g/t of gold and 813 g/t of silver over 3.34 meters (horizontal width). Table 2 provides select drill results for Laguna Oeste with a long-section view provided in Figure 3.

Core mine exploration continues to define new secondary veins with good mineral resource growth potential in several areas. The best results have come from the Aleste, Dorada and Sorpresa sectors. Notable results include hole UIA0179 at Aleste, which intersected 166.90 g/t of gold and 10,538 g/t of silver over 1.31 metres (horizontal width); hole UID0253 at Dorada, which intersected 71.30 g/t of gold and 5,736 g/t of silver over 1.00 metres (horizontal width); and hole SNX0931 at Sorpresa, which intersected 11.70 g/t of gold and 226 g/t of silver over 2.60 metres (horizontal width). See Table 3 for additional drill results from the core mine area.

In late 2018, Yamana partnered with GoldSpot to complete an exhaustive evaluation of historical mine data compiled by El Peñón, including extensive collections of geophysical data, drill information, and surface and sub-surface geochemistry and geology. GoldSpot, a Canadian-based company that leverages machine learning to improve exploration targeting, worked closely with El Peñón to create a predictive lithological map to identify new drill targets. The study has provided a number of site-specific vein targets on surface and in the sub-surface core mine area that are being prioritized through follow-up sampling and mapping for drill testing in early 2020.

Table 1: Angelina (Deep Orito) new drilling intercepts, select intervals 10.0 gram*metres
(gold g/t multiplied by horizontal width in metres)

HoleSectorFrom (m)To (m)Interval (m)Horizontal Width (m)Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t)
UIO0060Orito W152.62155.983.362.805.39233

Figure 1: Angelina long section (looking east) showing select drilling results in the Deep Orito target is available at Drilling results shown as gold (g/t), silver (g/t) over horizontal width (m)

Figure 2: Cross section (looking north) showing fault displacement of mineralized structure, Deep Orito is available at Drilling results shown as gold (g/t), silver (g/t) over horizontal width (m)

Table 2: Laguna new drilling intercepts, select intervals 10.0 gram*metres
(gold g/t multiplied by horizontal width in metres)

HoleSectorIncludingFrom (m)To (m)Interval (m)Horizontal Width (m)Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t)
SDL0031Laguna Oeste 132.50136.504.003.3455.24813
SLI0097Laguna Oeste 149.60150.340.740.7366.801136
SDL0025Laguna Oeste 79.0081.502.501.8043.70439
SLI0077Laguna 179.92181.601.681.5035.90266
SLI0080Laguna 200.73202.401.671.2426.70461
SDL0033Laguna Oeste 113.50117.003.503.2017.00201
SDL0034Laguna Oeste 136.00138.502.501.9015.70234
SDL0036Laguna Oeste 111.00113.002.001.7014.7075
SLI0082Laguna 183.00184.351.351.0216.03173
SLI0090Laguna Oeste 176.60177.500.900.7720.3053
SDL0016Laguna Oeste 85.0086.501.501.0611.5299
SEL0003Laguna Oeste 130.00134.004.003.4610.10108

Figure 3: Laguna Oeste long section (looking east) showing select drilling results is available at Drilling results shown as gold (g/t), silver (g/t) over horizontal width (m)             

Table 3: Core mine new drilling intercepts, select intervals 20.0 gram*metres
(gold g/t multiplied by horizontal width in metres)

HoleSectorIncludingFrom (m)To (m)Interval (m)Horizontal Width (m)Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t)
UIA0179Aleste 106.75108.501.751.31166.9010,538
UIA0178Aleste 126.68128.001.320.9178.304,058
UEA0075Aleste 185.20188.803.601.0050.044,145
SAI0165Aleste 324.40328.484.082.1022.461,139
SAI0163Aleste 343.00346.003.002.1816.601,081
SAI0167Aleste 296.00298.002.001.0531.401,864
SAI0171Aleste 264.50266.301.800.9135.672,085
SAI0174Aleste 272.08273.421.340.9130.803,720
SAI0168Aleste 277.10278.301.200.6341.791,473
UEA0076Aleste 134.55137.002.451.8513.50930
UID0253Dorada Este 133.43134.641.211.0071.305,736
UID0270Dorada Este 148.57150.051.481.1235.691,879
UID0266Dorada Este 146.10147.101.000.8040.303,748
UID0298Dorada Este 206.10207.401.301.3022.401,482
SOI0091Dorada Sigmoide 337.80339.401.600.7036.00246
UID0272Dorada Este 56.7858.091.311.1020.601,309
SNX0931Sorpresa 320.40323.603.202.6011.70226
SSI0060Sorpresa 311.10314.002.902.5911.68366
SSI0057Sorpresa 268.10271.503.402.6010.60421
SNX0921Sorpresa 282.00286.
SNX0888Sorpresa 356.50357.501.000.7428.351,031
UEI0016Victoria W 147.90152.634.733.6021.07107
STI0157Ventura 311.56321.309.743.2018.00903
SEI0089Esmeralda S 304.21306.001.791.1151.502,865

Drilling at Minera Florida continues to indicate potential to provide year-on-year growth of mineral reserves and mineral resources in the historic core mine as well as in several productive corridors that have been explored since consolidating the Agua Fria concessions in 2017. The property consolidation completed in 2017 facilitated the development of complete interpretive targets in both the PV Sur-Fantasma corridor and the Patagua-Don Leopoldo corridor. These new sectors of the mine are producing good results at better than life-of-mine grade. Exploration continues to delineate new veins at better than life-of-mine grade. See Figure 4 for a plan map of the consolidated Yamana properties.

A new geological model that recognizes ore shoots controlled at intersections between known west-northwest striking veins and north-south striking faults is generating new targets, including a new zone located between PV Sur and Fantasma. Figure 5 provides a long section view of the PV Sur-Fantasma structure, highlighting high-grade drill intercepts that suggest continuity of the major structure between PV Sur and Fantasma. Table 4 provides select new drill intercepts, including the PV Sur, Fantasma, and Don Leopoldo veins. These intervals are at considerably higher grade than the life-of-mine grade of 3.5 g/t of gold, and new mineral resources are expected to provide new areas of better grade for the operation.

Initial exploration work west of the Maqui fault is testing a down-dropped structural block in this area and results from Bandolera demonstrate good potential in this little explored area. Ongoing surface work continues to define new veins and increase the long-term potential of the area. 

The 2019 drill program at Minera Florida has been designed to replace depletion in the core mine and use surface exploration and data modelling to generate new targets. While the Company believes this program will deliver on its objectives this year, and drill results to date are encouraging, Minera Florida will require more years of exploration successes and considerable efforts at development of newly discovered and prospective areas in order to deliver positive free cash flow and returns. The Company continues to work with its local community representatives on right-sizing and optimizing the operation as the exploration and drilling effort continues.

Table 4: Minera Florida new drilling intercepts, selected for intervals 10.0 gram*metres (gold g/t multiplied by horizontal width in metres)

HoleVeinIncludingFrom (m)To (m)Interval (m)Horizontal Width (m)Gold (g/t)Silver (g/t)Zinc (%)
ALH2739Fantasma Este 144.43148.864.433.317.22160.13
ALH2467Fantasma Oeste 68.5570.802.251.9610.99131.41
ALH2824Fantasma 55.0257.762.742.447.8480.67
Fantasma Sur 70.5171.200.690.5534.40144.18
ALH2487Fantasma Oeste 63.1064.050.950.7923.20776.88
ALH2463Fantasma Oeste 60.5563.012.462.317.8882.09
ALH2730Fantasma Este 157.93160.622.692.048.58631.03
ALH2861Bandolera 1 136.54138.001.460.8919.001550.28
ALH2843Bandolera 2 173.80176.983.182.1511.44870.04
ALH2766Don Leopoldo Sur 188.50197.218.716.0012.8090.23
ALH2761Don Leopoldo Sur 51.1054.203.102.7010.4040.20
ALH2753Don Leopoldo 110.60116.756.155.004.901301.65
ALH2714Don Leopoldo 119.45121.401.951.6810.336642.80
ALH2154Don Leopoldo 190.62194.503.882.845.46100.07
ALH2760Don Leopoldo Sur 179.55182.723.171.608.3090.09
ALH2479PV Sur 1 78.2579.501.251.2030.82287.43
ALH2564PV Sur 9 7.809.701.901.3622.34463.34
PV Sur 10 53.2258.905.684.067.342031.54
ALH2741PV Sur 1 126.70129.853.152.368.7182.25
ALH2505PV Sur 8 67.9070.252.351.195.74521.61
ALH2524Lazo Polvorin 217.75230.8013.058.7715.09430.36
ALH2394Peumo 13.4319.155.724.8816.24251.76
ALH2794Centenario Sur 21.1024.052.951.5032.70502.10
ALH2732Satelite Patagua 24.0029.005.004.8010.9080.40
ALH2248Los Patos 192.17193.541.371.3759.67620.87
ALH2676Flor 24.3429.044.702.9912.52301.93

Figure 4: Plan map of consolidated Yamana properties is available at

Figure 5: Long section of PV Sur-Fantasma structure is available at

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