Major League Baseball’s Nelson Cruz Among This Year’s Honoree

New York, NY, Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- November 13, 2019 (New York) – AID FOR AIDSInternational, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to empowering both communities at risk of HIV and the general population, will hold its signature My Hero Gala on Monday, November 25thatthe American Museum of Natural History, located at Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024.


For the first time and on its eighteenth edition, the My Hero Gala will focus on the needs of a specific country. This year, the focus will be on Venezuela and the ongoing complex humanitarian emergency it faces, affecting millions of people. The event will recognize the role that AID FOR AIDS has played in providing assistance while honoring the individual and corporate champions that have made a difference. This year’s My Hero honorees include Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare, Minnesota Twins’ Nelson Cruz and Chef José Andres’ nonprofit World Central Kitchen. Dr. Mario Comegna will receive the Daniela & Bernard Chappard Award.


“We have been working with international agencies to make sure that drugs get into the hands of the people who need them,” said Jesus Aguais, executive director and founder of AID FOR AIDS. “As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela worsens, our presence there is even more significant. AID FOR AIDS has developed innovative mechanisms in order to ensure treatment continuity and we have applied our expertise to address other urgent needs. We are grateful to our partners who have joined us in our mission to provide relief to the thousands of people who are affected.”


Founded in 1996, AID FOR AIDS has grown from a simple idea of recycling unused, unexpired HIV medications in the United States and redistributing them to people with HIV in developing countries. It is now an international organization running the largest HIV medicine recycling program in the world and also providing prevention education, case management and advocacy in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. 


            According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, the number of Venezuelans leaving their country has reached 4 million, making Venezuelans one of the single largest population groups displaced from their country.  UNAIDS stated that nearly 10% of Venezuelans with HIV—approximately 10,000 people—have immigrated, mainly to countries in the region.Since 2014, AID FOR AIDS has procured and distributed medication to Venezuelan migrants with HIV in Colombia and Ecuador. AID FOR AIDS was the main provider of antiretroviral and antimalarial medication in the country in 2018.


In addition to providing much needed antiretroviral medication, AID FOR AIDS has recently expanded their mission with the creation of its sister organization AID FOR LIFE, which addresses infant malnutrition by providing formula to infants who cannot or should not be breastfed by their mothers due to their health conditions, orphan babies or babies who have been abandoned through its’ Healing Venezuela initiative. AID FOR AIDS and AID FOR LIFE’s mission is to slow this tragic situation and focus on the most vulnerable—newborn babies—to ensure their survival.


Proceeds from the My Hero Gala will support the relief efforts of AID FOR AIDS. For more information on the gala, visit



AID FOR AIDS International is a non-for profit organization founded in 1996 with headquarters in New York City. It runs the largest HIV medicine redistribution program in the world, and has sent over $140 million worth of medicines to over 20,000 people in 59 countries worldwide.


For the past four years, AID FOR AIDS has focused on the health crisis in Venezuela and has provided access to medicines to over 500,000 people in need as well as support to local civic organizations. For more information visit


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