Gaffes to Remember Party Season is Upon Us and Majority of Americans Admit to Committing Food-Related Faux Pas

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Richvale, California, Nov. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holiday party and football watching party seasons are upon us, a time to spread cheer, cheer on your teams—and potentially permanently damage your reputation. Sixty-one percent of Americans report that they have committed a food-related faux pas at a party, according to a recent survey of 1,000 US adults ages 18+ by Wakefield Research for Lundberg Family Farms, a national leader in organic rice, rice products and US-grown quinoa.

Tailgates are, as a rule, laxer than office parties or holiday soirees, but they also come with their own unique set of potential gaffes and the top one is “Two Dips, and You’re Out”. Nearly half of Americans (48%) say double-dipping is more likely to get them crossed off an invite list than forgetting the host’s name, while over a quarter say bringing a bag of crumbled chips to a tailgate is worse than wearing the opposite team’s jersey

 Lundberg was shocked, and frankly a little disturbed, to learn that 36% of those admit to double-dipping.

In addition, nearly half of survey respondents (47%) admit to talking with their mouth full, and 28% confessed to touching food and putting it back. Nearly 1 in 4 guilty parties even owned up to having coughed or sneezed over food.

Those double-dippers should know better – they are just one scoop away from turning people off. “Troubled times call for creative remedies,” said Susan Shields, Vice President of Marketing at Lundberg Family Farms.  “By providing foods that minimize party faux pas, we at Lundberg are doing what we can to help Americans master the art of party etiquette.” Lundberg can help party-goers snack confidently with their new innovative Bold Bites Chips, small enough to eat in one bite and strong enough to scoop without breaking.

Choosing the right foods will aid in upholding an impeccable reputation through the busy football and holiday party seasons. According to the survey findings over half (53%) of Americans can remember a faux pas that someone committed a year ago or more, while 20% can recall one from more than five years ago. While double-dipping might not be as bad as sneezing on someone’s holiday buffet, it’s still a surefire way to make your social life comatose.

Americans will go to great lengths to avoid making a mistake, the survey found that most Americans (64%) have done something to avoid food-related faux pas, including only eating non-messy or dry foods (26%), eating by themselves (19%) or 1 in 4 divulged they avoid eating at parties altogether.

Surprisingly, the youngest generation might be the most concerned with etiquette ─ or at least the impression they make at parties. Nearly 2 in 5 Gen Zers (39%) have abstained from eating so as not to make a food-related faux pas at a party, compared to a comparatively freewheeling 26% of Millennials and 24% of Boomers. Similarly, 30% of Gen Zers have eaten by themselves, compared to 17% of Gen Xers and 13% of Boomers.

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