Family Leave Management Platform, TiLT, Tapped by New Client

Ike Robotics selected TiLT to better facilitate employee leave in a proactive, organized and respectful manner

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TiLT, a company revolutionizing parental leave in the workplace, today announced the addition of Ike Robotics to its growing roster of clients. Ike Robotics will leverage TiLT’s web-based platform to improve leave plan management. 

TiLT is an end-to-end turnkey platform to manage the entire leave lifecycle. Designed not only for employees but also for their direct managers to utilize, TiLT creates a collaborative, holistic experience personalized for each unique leave scenario — including parental, caregiving, etc. — communicating clear expectations for all parties involved. 

“So much more than forms, deadlines and compliance-based activities, leave management is hard. At TiLT, we're working with companies that see the value in what we call, the 'human side' of leave,” said Jennifer Henderson, founder and CEO of TiLT. “The reality is that when someone needs a leave — of any kind — there can be stress, emotions, fear and confusion. We've simplified, streamlined and updated the process to meet all of those involved where they are to clarify expectations, enable effective communication and guide empathy, understanding and clarity.”

TiLT works with organizations across industries to incorporate the leave management process currently in place into the company’s proprietary leave plan management platform. Each client organization receives a unique URL, and TiLT works to make the interface look, feel, act and communicate in the same manner as the solution already in place to enable seamless adoption and integration.

From research-backed guided leave plans and weekly tasks that keep both parties engaged, organized and prepared to individualized support plans customized by TiLT Leave Experts and up-to-date education and resources, TiLT provides managers and parents with the support they need.

“We have a growing number of employees taking parental leave and feel a deep sense of responsibility to support them during this exciting time," said Alex Coonce, head of people at Ike Robotics, a San Francisco-based automated trucking startup founded by veterans of Apple, Google, and Uber Advanced Technologies Group. "At Ike, we want to redefine the leave experience, removing the pain and confusion so our parents can focus on what matters most, their growing families. TiLT’s thoughtful approach and innovative solution was attractive to us because of its ability to deliver a great experience and offer tremendous impact to our business. TiLT brings a human touch and will streamline the leave management process, making it less transactional, more customizable and overall easier to manage. It's a clear win for both our employees and our company." 

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About TiLT

TiLT is a Colorado-based company revolutionizing parental leave in the workplace. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women go on maternity leave in the United States. Due to poor work-life balance, being passed over for promotions, a lack of support from management and mismanaged leave in general, 34% of them won’t return to work. TiLT’s tech-enabled platform manages the entire lifecycle before, during and after leave to help companies retain top talent, improve employee engagement and ultimately improve employees’ health and wellness. For more information, please visit



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