DoorBird Partners with AV LinkPro

Fairfield, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

Fairfield, NJ, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bird Home Automation Group, a global leader in IP video intercom technology, today announced a partnership with SIP solution provider AV LinkPro™ from AlltecPro. Through this strategic partnership, Bird Home Automation now offers an easily deployed option for its DoorBird product line, specifically its MDU video intercom stations, to make calls to IP, cellular and landline phones.

Since its founding in 2014, Bird Home Automation has formed partnerships with many other industry leaders to meet the demands of its customers. Pairing with AV LinkPro™, Bird Home Automation can now deliver an app-based intercom solution that sends alerts, live video and 2-way audio communication via smart devices while also calling up to 5 IP, cellular or traditional landline phone numbers. This all-in-one solution comes without the need to rewire the building or the hassle of looking for and implementing a new SIP service provider. Thus, door communication becomes easier and more comfortable than ever before in multi-tenant, commercial and single-family residences.

“What makes this solution the first of its kind is the flexibility and scalability with which it can be deployed. In one apartment building, tenants can be communicating with visitors using the DoorBird app, phone calls and our dedicated indoor stations in any combination,” said Andrew Knuesel, Head of Sales, DoorBird US.

AV LinkPro provides a unique platform bridge for connecting a combined SIP, IP and TCP/IP integration into a seamless, fully functional solution. AV LinkPro™ systems were designed and developed to assist installers and integrators with the task of connecting IP intercom systems with VoIP telephony solutions for a variety of commercial and residential applications. The solution is designed to bridge connectivity with a variety of products to create a unified, fully connected communication solution.

“We are pleased to partner with DoorBird in order to provide our SIP intercom to telephone bridge allowing a cloud-based point of management for both the building administrator and the individual residents in order to be able to enhance their intercom experience with the addition of telephone communication from the front door,” said Jon Miller, Product Manager, AV LinkPro


About Bird Home Automation Group

The Bird Home Automation Group develops, produces and markets high-quality IP video door intercoms under the trademark “DoorBird” around the world. The company’s headquarters and production plant are located in Berlin, Germany, with a further office in San Francisco, USA. “DoorBird” stands for the combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. The products are made from corrosion-resistant

ABOUT AV LinkProAV LinkPro, a division of AlltecPro provides SIP PBX systems that are engineered with A/V integration in mind. They provide the only SIP based connectivity that can offer full intercom communication and custom level programming in an all in one bridge solution that can be implemented through a cloud or premise based solution. AV LinkPro provides a unique platform bridge for connecting SIP endpoints to other diverse systems such as control and telephony platforms.



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