Qingke Recognized at China Housing Rental Entrepreneur Leaders’ Summit

Xuhui District, CHINA

Company Named “Most Influential Brand” of 2019

CEO Recognized as 2019 “Leader of the Industry”

SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Q&K International Group Limited (NASDAQ: QK) (“Qingke” or the “Company”), a leading technology-driven long-term apartment rental platform in China, today announced that the Company has won the 2019 “Most Influential Brand” award and Mr. Guangjie Jin, the founder and CEO of QK, was awarded 2019’s honorary title of “Leader of the Industry” at the China Housing Rental Entrepreneur Leaders’ Summit.

Held on December 2, 2019 and organized by an alliance of housing rental industry associations in China, the summit brought together nearly 600 industry participants including branded long-term apartment rental operators, real estate experts and scholars, industry elites and influential media. The event focused on the future development of the apartment rental market with in-depth insights on business objectives, operational expertise, industrial development and the supply chain. The participants discussed the transformation and advancement of China's housing rental industry and the next wave of development opportunities.

Since its inception, Qingke has been focused on ensuring asset quality and has made corporate social responsibility an essential part of the Company’s mission. By leveraging its efficient operational capabilities and continuously enhancing its brand recognition, the Company has prevailed as a leading player in China’s long-term apartment rental market.

“We remain firmly committed to our operational principles of integrity, efficiency and innovation and are honored that our team’s work was recognized at the China Housing Rental Entrepreneur Leaders’ Summit,” said Mr. Guangjie Jin. “These two awards are further endorsements of Qingke’s position as a market leader in China’s growing long-term apartment rental industry. Leveraging our innovation and continued work to lead the development of China’s long-term apartment rental market, we have improved our operational efficiency and support for our customers, which has also helped to further strengthen our brand in China.”

Mr. Guangjie Jin continued, “As China’s first long-term apartment rental platform listed on Nasdaq, Qingke’s public listing in November was a significant milestone not only in the Company’s history but also for the long-term apartment rental industry. Through our public listing, Qingke is better positioned to promote its mission and values to a wider audience, opening up more possibilities for the development of the long-term apartment rental industry as a whole. We remain focused on our mission to provide homes for China’s young people, offering a one-stop, more efficient and hassle-free rental experience for both tenants and landlords.”

Candidates for the awards were evaluated based on company statistics and big data analysis powered by a public opinion monitoring system. Winners were selected by a panel of esteemed judges chosen by analytical and research institutions.

About Qingke

Q&K International Group Limited (NASDAQ: QK) is a leading technology-driven long-term apartment rental platform in China. The Company offers young, emerging urban residents conveniently-located, ready-to-move-in, and affordable branded apartments as well as facilitates a variety of value-added services. Qingke signs long-term leases with individual landlords in different locations in relatively inexpensive yet convenient locations and manages them centrally, leveraging its advanced IT and mobile technologies. Technology is the core of Qingke’s business and is applied to every step of its operational process from apartment sourcing, renovation, and tenant acquisition, to property management. The focus on technology enables Qingke to operate a large, dispersed, and fast-growing portfolio of apartments with high operational efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

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