Horizon Media Study Finds That While “Giving Tuesday” is Big Today, It’s at the Tipping Point of Becoming Immense

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Horizon Media, the world’s largest independent media agency, today announced findings of its ongoing Finger On The Pulse poll. Each week, Horizon Media tracks and publishes how news and cultural events can shape or shift people’s thinking and behavior. 

Since 2012, charities, brands and individuals have participated in what’s known as “Giving Tuesday” (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – it’s a day that encourages people to do good, including making charitable donations). This event is something that appears to be increasingly on the radar screen of many organizations and results in numerous requests by email, within social media and through news coverage for charitable donations. Using its Finger on the Pulse panel, Horizon Media asked 688 people a battery of attitudinal questions that sought to gain an immediate perspective on what people think about the concept of “Giving Tuesday” and whether it’d change their behavior regarding donations.

Horizon Media believes that “Giving Tuesday” represents upside potential for both charities and brands and has the strong possibility to quickly become a transformative communal force in America. Today, it appears to be held back by a simple lack of awareness/understanding, and potentially by a still untapped sense of belonging and relevance.

Just over half of people surveyed were already familiar with Giving Tuesday (55% familiar vs. 45%  unfamiliar), and people who were familiar were much more likely to plan to make charitable donations on that day – with 42% saying they would, 30% saying they were unsure and 28% stating they definitely would not donate. For people who were not familiar with “Giving Tuesday,” the intent to donate was markedly lower – with 24% saying they would donate, 43% being unsure and 34% stating they would not donate. Familiarity with “Giving Tuesday” appears to be somewhat influenced by age (63% of those 18-34 familiar vs. 52% of 35-54 and 55% of 55+) with the possibility of younger generations becoming passionate advocates for the movement.

The meaning behind “Giving Tuesday” has real resonance with people and there are clear opportunities for brands/charities in two specific areas – firstly to sharpen their communal purpose and secondly to have the day stand for the start of something rather than just a one-off day of giving. “Giving Tuesday” possesses a sense of communal or collective impact with 72% of people agreeing that while “Giving Tuesday” only started in 2012, it’s an idea that was way overdue and is an action companies and people should get behind. 63% agreed that because organizations/others match donations it makes them personally more likely to give, and 52% said that they want to donate on this day because it allows them to be a part of a bigger group of people doing good. Brands should consider that “Giving Tuesday” can be much more than a single day, since 85% of people say that it’s a positive kick-off to the Holiday season and they like the idea of helping others at this time of year.

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