Phoenix Brand Management: Eight Expansions For The Win

Dunwoody, Georgia, UNITED STATES

Dunwoody, GA, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In ten years, Phoenix Brand Management has hit a pace of growth nearly unparalleled to any other company in the region. They have seen their portfolio range quadruple, their industry standing reach unprecedented heights and their national footprint octuple (yes, really... their national reach multiplied by 8).

For anyone doing the math, that's almost one national expansion per year. In the years the company did not expand into national territories, the Metro Atlanta region grew to new heights, the company signed multi-billion dollar Forbes list clients and Director of Operations, CJ Young was nominated for Manager of the Year.

Expansion number eight comes in the form of a local Atlanta partnership with budding entrepreneur, Lashawn Hamb. Hamb is known throughout the industry as being an eager individual, hungry to make his mark in the big city.

Over the course of 18 months, Hamb has developed unique relationships with Phoenix Brand Management clients. He spearheaded the company’s smart home automation campaign and has been relentless since. The partnership brings new opportunity for career advancement to the Phoenix Brand Management staff. The leadership within Phoenix promises, “the best is yet to come.”

Cj had this to say about his new protégé, Hamb. “He’s truly mastered everything that has been thrown his way. He jumps over obstacles and rarely breaks a sweat. He is one of the most loyal individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with and I think this partnership is going to be a game changer for us here in Atlanta.”

Phoenix Brand Management is headquartered in Atlanta and has a national reach but the southeast is considered their hub. Internal talks amongst the elite hint at possible expansions on the west coast and the northeast in the coming months, although CJ and Hamb remain tightlipped about future plans.

“All we can say at this point is the best is yet to come,” says Hamb.

With the new expansion and the launch of multiple new campaigns comes opportunity for new employment, for internal career growth and for personal and professional development in Atlanta. On the coattails of this new partnership, the company has launched their new hiring initiative. They are now seeking local graduates and entrepreneurs to join the Phoenix Brand Management team as they enter the busiest, most exciting time of year.

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