Pleasant Hill, California, Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renowned Marketing Manager Joey Ortiz are taking massive leaps in their push for nationwide expansion. Mr. Ortiz, branching from Las Vegas, is taking advantage of the momentum he’s been gaining since the start of the 2nd quarter by making his mark on not just the Bay Area, but all of Northern California.

Bay Area Premier Marketing President, Joey Ortiz is no stranger to the Bay, having been raised near Oakland as a child. Mr. Ortiz has dedicated over 5 record-shattering years as a Marketing Manager for his clients. Placing his roots in Las Vegas initially, Mr. Ortiz has not only left a marketing legacy on that office, he has also personally developed over 10 successful Marketing Managers from his Southern Nevada office. He looks to build an even bigger legacy here in the Bay. Mr. Ortiz explains, “The first step of this process is complete. We’ve gathered the attention of our clients as well as the general public. But that’s never the end-goal. It’s what we’re able to do with the legacy we’ve created that matters.” Quite the legacy it is, as Mr. Ortiz has grossed well over $1 Million for his clients in his short time here in the Golden Gate City.

Additionally, Mr. Ortiz states, "It’s all about the knowledge you’re able to share with those who wish to know it. It takes a team. Without them, we don’t have any of this. That’s our new goal: to share the knowledge we’ve obtained from this market and spread it to all of California.” These words hold true as Mr. Ortiz’s team has been making quite the splash. Veteran Sales Executive, Justin Watts, was recently approved to launch an expansion to Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was inaugurated on December 1st. Additionally, the upcoming 1st quarter is going to be off to a great start with Mr. Ronal Bargas and Mr. William Bailey both being approved to oversee markets in San Francisco and Hayward, CA, respectively. Along with Ronal and William, Mr. Hector Ramirez will be launching his market in Stockton, CA while Ms. Lacia Stuart will be overseeing the Concord and Fairfield markets.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Bay Area Premier Marketing Joey Ortiz, CEO 925-517-8123 3478 Buskirk Ave. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Written by: Brandon Rash