FORT LAUDERDALE, Dec. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The victims in a national, multimillion-dollar fraud that duped hundreds of investors – from professional football players to senior citizens – are calling on Florida’s former Attorney General Pam Bondi to help them. 

“For some strange reason, Pam Bondi failed to prosecute anyone at Hawk Systems or its affiliated companies or put a stop to the securities fraud that continues even today. The victims are calling on her to explain why no action was taken and to share information that will help them bring a just resolution to the matter,” said Cathy Jackson Lerman of The Lerman Law Firm, who represents many of the victims. “Bondi was supposed to prosecute crimes—not provide cover. I hope that she will join our efforts.”

Hawk Systems and its affiliated companies scammed investors by claiming to own patents on cutting-edge biometric fingerprint technology.  But the former CEO of Hawk Systems, David Coriaty, admitted under oath that even though millions of dollars in investor money was spent lavishly by the company’s executives, no product was ever produced. 

Hawk openly declared $22 million in losses to the SEC, with only $5,570 in sales. A leading financial crimes expert in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office performed an in-depth investigation of the company and its affiliates and concluded definitively that it is “an organized scheme to defraud.”

“It’s time for Bondi to look the victims in the eye and explain why no one has been punished for these crimes. Bondi has now moved on to the Washington lobbying firm Ballard Partners, where the firm’s president has described her as ‘one of the toughest law enforcement officials in the country.’ We look forward to her proving it and making sure that these criminals don’t get a free pass,” said Lerman.

“It’s troubling that these criminals are still walking around, and even more shocking to consider that they will be President Trump’s neighbors once he completes his move to Florida,” Lerman added. 

This financial scam has received a great deal of focus from trusted media outlets like Fox News, The Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post and The NY Daily News. Law enforcement and regulatory agencies, both state and federal, have done absolutely nothing while Hawk continues to trade  millions of shares weekly.

The Hawk Systems scheme reportedly spans at least 13 states and involves a number of affiliated companies including Hawk Biometric Technologies, Inc., Hawk Biometrics of Canada, Inc., Auto Secure, Inc., Auto Secure USA, Inc., Secure Start USA, LLC and Fist Enterprises, LLC.

Victims of the Hawk Systems scam, witnesses or whistleblowers should contact Cathy Lerman, Esq. at or (954) 332-1143.