MicroStar Logistics Enables Unique Brewery Collaboration Resulting In Dramatic Carbon Footprint Reduction

DENVER, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- By sharing MicroStar’s pool of kegs rather than owning their own, over 700 brewers helped reduce their collective carbon footprint by nearly 5 million kg of CO2e over the past 12 months.  These findings, based on a study by John Heckman, Ph.D, Executive Director with the Anthesis Group, will be used as a benchmark to help the beer industry further minimize its carbon footprint each year. 

"Sustainability is critically important to our customers from small craft brewers to the largest individual brewery in the world," said Michael Hranicka, MicroStar’s President and CEO. “We’re proud to help brewers achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging our network of over 4.5 million kegs and utilizing our logistics expertise to take empty keg miles off the road.  We see these results as just the beginning of what this industry can accomplish.”

“To put this in perspective, MicroStar customers eliminated the equivalent amount of CO2e that would be emitted by burning over 5 million pounds of coal,” said Dr. Heckman.  “It’s clear that MicroStar’s dense, national network of kegs creates a pooled asset model that is inherently more sustainable than the alternative model of a brewer owning their own kegs.”

MicroStar’s commitment to sustainability is further evidenced by its long-standing EPA SmartWay® certification recognizing the company’s commitment to further track and reduce transportation-related emissions and fuel use.  Through programs like SmartWay®, MicroStar uses the collective scale of their customer community to increase the adoption of environmentally-conscious tools and approaches by their freight partners.

About MicroStar
Founded in 1996 and based in the heart of Denver, Colorado, MicroStar Logistics is the leading diversified keg solutions provider. MicroStar's Keg Management division leverages two pools of kegs -- KegCraft-branded kegs for midsize, regional brewers and MicroStar-branded kegs for large, national brewers -- to deliver cost-effective outsourced keg solutions. MicroStar’s Quality Services division is the leading keg repair and maintenance operation helping to maintain the quality and lengthen the lifespans of some of the largest keg fleets in the world. For additional information, visit www.MicrostarLogistics.com and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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