Ocean, New Jersey, Dec. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a vehicle owner, you must have some understanding of an auto service warranty. Surprisingly, most car owners have a flawed perception of the working of a guarantee. If you buy a new vehicle or even a pre-owned certified vehicle, it will carry an auto warranty. In the case of a new car, it is a pledge from the manufacturer, and in case of a certified vehicle, it is a promise from the dealership to pay for certain automobile repair expenses. There could be different stipulations to this warranty, and often car owners fail to read the fine prints and limitations of the auto cover. Most of the time, the cover will pay for the defects in parts or materials in the vehicle. 

The Two Types of Auto Service Warranty

The first type is the one discussed earlier, which is a manufacturer or dealer warranty. This auto service warranty will last only for a few years. What happens after the expiry? How would you cope with the expensive repairs of a brand new vehicle or a severe malfunction in a used car? You can safeguard yourself against unexpected auto repair expenses by holding a second type of auto service warranty - the extended warranty.  

The Extended Auto Service Warranty 

When your regular auto service warranty expires, an extended warranty will keep you in a new coverage that will cover the repair and maintenance expenses of your vehicle. While most people prefer to hold on to their original warranties and do not go for an extended cover after the expiry, it is not worth the risk. Even if your vehicle is the latest model, it can get costly to repair, and without a cover, it can put a massive dent on your budget. A common misconception about the extended warranty is that it is an expensive purchase. However, if you compare the costs of unexpected vehicle repair and services to the price of an extended warranty, you will realize it makes perfect sense to get an extended auto service warranty. 

NCWC Inc. Auto Insurance and Service Warranties

Buying a warranty is an investment and an experience, and you should make sure you sign a deal with a company that brings you the best plans and speedy services. Originating from New Jersey, NCWC Inc is an auto insurance company that has the premium policies that give you comprehensive auto protection, extended auto coverage, and vehicle support. 

The company has a strong portfolio of thousands of satisfied clients, and it represents the positive Business Bureau rating the company holds. 

When you buy extended auto coverage from the company, you make the auto repair process a simple matter to resolve with the procedure defined by NCWC Inc. The company does not limit you to making a certain number of claims. You can go to the mechanic and ask the service center to deal with the NCWC team directly. The team is highly responsive, will take over the documentations, and settle the bill directly. You will get your vehicle repair and not worry about the burden of paying the mechanic.

Why NCWC Inc Auto Service Warranties?

You can buy extended auto protection from the manufacturer directly. But not only will it cost you a lot more, but you will be another customer to them where they do not have the resources to give your personalized services. On the other hand, NCWC Inc. offers affordable extended warranties, with access to highly responsive teams to reply to all of your queries and concerns. 

You will find getting a third party extended auto protection plan one of the better investments to save your money in auto repair and maintenance. 

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