PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Topbox, makers of enterprise conversation analytics software, announced that Unitus Community Credit Union is using Topbox to aggregate, analyze and act on member feedback to help improve support services and to inform a more consistent experience for its 97,000 members.  

“Listening to our members and truly understanding the reasons for their questions, concerns, requests, and ideas for improving their experience is very important to us. It is the fundamental core value of putting our members first,” said Blaine Bartholomew, Assistant Vice President of Member Experience at Unitus Community Credit Union. “Topbox enables us to uncover trends and issues, and identify opportunities for improvement. It gives us a level of actionable insight that surveys simply do not provide.”

Unitus uses Topbox to analyze data from hundreds of thousands of member support calls to identify the reasons members contact support and analyze patterns in service requests by issue type, frequency, and location. This enables Unitus to uncover member experience insights that can be used to improve processes, prioritize investments in technology, improve member communication, expand training for employees, and more.  By identifying and addressing common friction points, Unitus aims to improve member satisfaction and loyalty to a level unmatched by any financial institution in the Northwest.  

For example, using Topbox to review more than 70,000 phone calls over a 90-day period, Unitus was able to review and drill down into calls with negative or neutral sentiment. Within that qualified data set, Unitus identified the top five trending topics and areas causing friction for their members.  This insight is now used to inform improvements and future offerings. 

Topbox provides the ability to aggregate conversation data from contact center phone calls, surveys, email, chat, web reviews and social media into a single unified view, enabling deep sentiment and root cause analysis. Unitus currently uses Topbox to analyze data from member support calls and compare that data against results from surveys in a unified view. The credit union plans to expand the use of Topbox to analyze conversation data from other member communication channels in the coming months.

“Our members are sharing important, actionable feedback with us every day by simply engaging with our service representatives in the ways they normally do.  With Topbox we can avoid survey fatigue and tap into a much broader and more qualified data set to enable a more purposeful and targeted approach to improving member experience,” adds Bartholomew.

“Unitus has built a reputation as one of the most admired financial services companies in the Pacific Northwest and we’re proud to be working with a leader that prioritizes a data-driven approach to creating exceptional member experiences,” said Topbox CEO Chris Tranquill. “With Topbox, leaders like Unitus can leverage the conversations that are already happening about their products and services to identify and resolve friction points more effectively and improve the customer experience.”

About Unitus Community Credit Union
Unitus Community Credit Union is passionate about helping people in the Northwest get smart about their money and take control of their bright future. At Unitus, we are dedicated to doing the right thing for our community with low rates on loans, high returns on savings, 24/7 mobile banking access and neighborhood branches throughout Portland Metro. We believe in committing to our members and personally walking them through their journey toward bigger and better personal benchmarks. Learn more about us at unitusccu.com.

About Topbox
Topbox's Conversation Analytics software is the only solution to aggregate conversational data from every customer interaction for deep analysis. Everywhere your customers talk to or about your company, Topbox is listening with AI-backed natural language processing. We aggregate all that data into a unified view of your customers' experience with your brand, powering a transformative, customer-centric approach to product management, marketing, and support services. To learn more visit www.topbox.io

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