City’s new partnership helps residents on their “Waze” around Ottawa streets

Toronto, CANADA

OTTAWA, Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The City of Ottawa will be sharing its traffic data with Google’s Waze traffic app, providing better and real-time traffic updates to help Ottawa commuters better plan their routes.

This is part of a new data-sharing partnership with the Waze for Cities Program, joining other cities like Toronto, Montreal, New York and San Francisco, who have all benefitted from similar initiatives.

Waze is a crowd-sourcing, GPS navigation app where users can submit anonymously where they encountered high-traffic congestion, slower-than-usual traffic speed, collisions, stalled vehicles and closures.

The combination of the City’s traffic information and user submissions will provide more comprehensive and up-to-date information, such as road and lane closures, collisions, construction and detours. The app provides users with route options, latest road and traffic reports, and an option where motorists can get turn-by-turn vocal directions to their destination.

This partnership is another initiative under the City of Ottawa’s Smart City plan – using innovation, technology and leading practices to enhance the resident experience in acquiring information and services.

Residents can also get the latest traffic data, road and lane closures, detours and construction information on the City’s Interactive Traffic Map, and data is available on Open Ottawa, the City’s open data portal.

The City reminds Waze users that the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Waze’s terms of services forbid sending any updates while driving. Also, all motorists should drive in accordance with all traffic laws and road and weather conditions.

For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


“This innovative partnership demonstrates how we can partner and share data to create a win-win situation where residents, our transportation system and the community all benefit.”
Mayor Jim Watson

“Many residents need road and traffic information to get around in their busy work and family lives. Whether they need to pick their children up from daycare or take them to the rink for a practice or a game, taking the best route is key to making their schedule. This data-sharing partnership with Waze puts City traffic information right in the palms of their hands – enhancing the lives of parents and their kids.”
Councillor Stephen Blais, Chair of the Transportation Committee

“Having just achieved a top three ranking on the Open Cities Index, this partnership is another example of the City continuing to open up its data to foster community innovation and allow residents to choose their channel of choice when accessing the information they need to plan their trips.”
Councillor Jeff Leiper, Chair of the Information Technology Sub-Committee

“The Waze map is a unique tool that evolves with every driver and data point it receives, promoting safer roads and sharing more knowledge with Wazers about potential delays to their commutes. Waze is excited to have Ottawa join the Waze for Cities program as a new partner, giving local citizens a greater ability to circumvent road closures and traffic jams within the app.”
Mike Wilson, Waze Canada Country Manager

About Waze

Waze is where people and technology meet to solve transportation challenges. It's a platform that empowers communities to contribute road data, edit Waze maps, and carpool to improve the way we move about the world. Thanks to Wazers everywhere, Waze is able to partner with municipalities and transit authorities to reduce traffic and congestion—leveraging current infrastructure while impacting city planning.

A world with better transportation doesn't have to be in the distant future. By harnessing the power of community to reverse negative trends in transportation, Waze can create a world where traffic is history.


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