Coffee Franchise Xpresso Delight Heads to the Windy City, Signs Another Multi-Unit Franchisee

New York, NY, Dec. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just in time for the brutal cold winter, offices in Cook County, Chicago will welcome in a hot new office coffee franchise thanks to Xpresso Delight's newest franchisee, Derek Gilroy, who has signed on to develop 5 franchises across the city's densest county. He plans to bring the one-of-a-kind coffee service to 250 offices over the next 3 to 5 years.  

Derek has deep roots in Chicago and spent more than 20 years as both a clerk and trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. After hearing about the benefits of franchising from friends who had bought in to various brands, he spent several years weighing different franchise opportunities before a broker brought his attention to Xpresso Delight. The business model was familiar to Derek as he found it to be remarkably similar to his rental property investments, and market research uncovered a booming industry despite a lack of quality options.

"This is perfect for Chicago," said Derek Gilroy. "There's plenty of options for office coffee, but nothing like Xpresso Delight. If offices are content drinking pre-ground coffee out of plastic capsules, there's plenty of different companies to work with. If they want fresh ground beans for each cup, and lattes and cappuccinos made with fresh milk with the touch of a button, then Xpresso Delight is the best solution out there, hands down."

Originally formed in Australia in 2003, Xpresso Delight is now blazing across the United States as it offers offices a significant upgrade from the standard office coffee options. Xpresso Delight's proprietary coffee blend is paired with a high-end Swiss espresso machine that automatically makes lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based espresso drinks in addition to regular coffee. The machine, proprietary coffee blend delivered straight from roaster to the office, and weekly service is all included and provided to offices on a pay-per-cup basis with no upfront cost.

"Making the move from the East Coast over to the epicenter of the Midwest is huge for Xpresso Delight," said Nigell Lee, CEO of Xpresso Delight.  "We've always known that Chicago is a tremendous opportunity for us and we're excited to partner with Derek, a savvy business owner that knows his way around the Chicago office landscape."

The multi-unit Chicago franchise agreement makes 9 franchisees in the United States that own 23 total franchises, with 18 of them awarded in 2019. There are more than 200 franchises sold worldwide. 

Xpresso Delight has partnered with Oakscale, the NYC based Franchise Development company as the brand’s exclusive Franchise Development Partner, and Derek worked with Oakscale CEO Joshua Kovacs on the agreement.

About Xpresso Delight

Founded in 2003 and with over 200 franchises sold worldwide Xpresso Delight is one of the fastest growing coffee-as-a-service franchises in operation. U.S operations are led by franchise President Nigell Lee. Xpresso Delight is currently evaluating franchise candidates interested in becoming franchisees in major markets across the United States and internationally. The concept has partnered with New York City-based Oakscale as its exclusive franchise development team. Learn more about Xpresso Delight.

About Oakscale

Founded in 2017, Oakscale is a franchise development company that develops innovative emerging business concepts and promotes them to investors around the world. Learn more about Oakscale.




Derek Gilroy, Xpresso Delight Chicago Franchisee

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