Personalized Speech Company, Speechmorphing, to Showcase its Human-like Natural Language Speech Synthesis at Voice@CES 2020

Speechmorphing combines personalization with emotional intelligence for high-resemblance, natural-sounding, and expressive custom voice and voice tuning tools

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Speechmorphing Inc., a personalized speech technology company on a mission to improve human-machine communications, announced today its participation as an exhibiting partner at Voice@CES 2020. Speechmorphing offers AI, neural-network, and prosodic modeling-based speech synthesis technology to create high quality, high resemblance, expressive custom voices within days and with only minutes of audio material.

Juniper Research has estimated that 8 billion digital voice assistants will be in use by 2023.1 Voices are now expected to be more natural and human-like and to support varied styles and intonations for situational, contextualized, and personalized interactions. Since digital voices are extensions of an overall company brand, it is crucial to design a consistent and engaging persona with a unique voice offering desired styles and tones.

Speechmorphing voices come with varied styles and tones, and are fully customizable to support situational customer interactions. Each voice’s multiple styles and tones can be arbitrarily combined during synthesis to create desired personas and communication styles of the digital agents and conversational AIs.

Speechmorphing Demos at CES
Throughout the week of CES, Speechmorphing will showcase its custom voice technology in various locations to demonstrate the future of enterprise customer care, and voice interactions in gaming and in-car digital assistants:

  • Speechmorphing Booth (Jan. 8) - Booth #8, Room Juniper 1, Aria Resort;
  • Mitsubishi Electric Booth (Jan. 7-10) - Automotive Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center;
  • General Motors Booth (Jan. 7-10) - Automotive Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center;
  • Speech Graphics Booth (Jan. 7-10) - Booth #51902, Hall G, Sands Expo

Fathy Yassa, Founder and CEO, Speechmorphing
“The Customer Experience (CX) digital transformation is setting new standards for synthesized voices, where personalization and the demonstration of emotional intelligence reign. Our natural language speech synthesis engine is powering some of the leading conversational AI and voice platforms. By leveraging seamless integration and partnerships with industry-leading ASR, NLU, dialogue managers and voice platforms, Speechmorphing is transforming customer experience and taking conversational customer care to the next level.”

William Meisel, President, TMA Associates and Editor, LUI News
“At a time when companies are scrambling to give voice to their chatbots, digital agents and devices, Speechmorphing is changing what's possible. Even smaller businesses now have the ability to create clear and lively synthesized speech in any unique voice they choose. You only need a small amount of voice data, and with comprehensive do-it-yourself tools, it's never been easier."

About Speechmorphing
Speechmorphing is a personalized speech technology company on a mission to improve human-machine communications. Our products and services deliver natural and emotionally-intelligent voices that broaden the accessibility and speed the proliferation of synthesized speech for real world applications. Speechmorphing works closely with application, device and bot developers to innovate simple yet sophisticated and cost-effective voice solutions for global markets. 

Speechmorphing is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices in Israel and Europe.



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