Scottsdale, AZ, Dec. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Success Club started as an Instagram page founded by Josh Miller and Alex Lombard. Alex Lombard is now the Owner and CEO, and Josh Miller is a partner and a strategic advisor. It started with a vision to inspire millions of young entrepreneurs to be there best; it has now evolved into a movement of millennial entrepreneurs/young pros that are living their passions, achieving their dreams, and impacting many other people around them. Today, the success club is a movement of leaders and they look forward to connecting and be on this journey together. 

Welcome to the club!

Josh Miller is known for his following ventures: Inviogr8 Success is a company and his part in cofounding and 2 years of service as COO., success as an investor and trader in the gold and silver options markets, and for investing and being an advocate for bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2012. Additionally, Josh said this to us, " I work with my father David Miller and guided by our core values to seek out humanitarian and philanthropic ventures to create real lasting change, positive impact, and doing so strategically to create collaboration around key issues and find solutions that have multiple benefits. within the Jacksonville community, and the wider United States. In education, poverty eradication, infrastructure, economic empowerment, rights of all human beings."

The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. There are lots of sleepless nights, plans that don't work out, funding that doesn't come through and customers that never materialize. It can be so challenging to launch a business that it may make you wonder why anyone willingly sets out on such a path.                                                       

“I first started off with an idea of wanting to gain a skill set and Build capacities around understanding social media marketing and how the next generation and future generations are going to communicate and share ideas and information. I gained experience and had success in first network marketing, then co-founding a social media & digital marketing company, Invigor8. I am now leveraging those skillsets of I learned co-founding and growing Invigor8.                      

Yet despite all these hardships, every year, thousands of entrepreneurs embark on this journey determined to bring their vision to fruition and fill a need they see in society. They open brick-and-mortar businesses, launch tech startups, or bring a new product or service into the marketplace.


Shazir Mucklai
Imperium PR