Authentic Heroes Signs License Agreement with BRAVADO and RUN DMC

Authentic Heroes, RUN DMC and BRAVADO a division of Universal Music Group Team Up

Somerset NJ, Jan. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SOMERSET NJ., JANUARY 13TH, 2020: Authentic Heroes® a subsidiary of Global Fiber Technologies (“OTCQB: GFTX”) is teaming up with Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, Inc., and RUN DMC, the Grammy Hall of Fame award winning Hip-Hop group to bring the “Super -Fan” the ultimate “FANWEAR”

The three entities will create a limited-edition series of collectable and wearable merchandise  that will contain the original fibers and threads from articles of clothing worn by RUN DMC in a prior concert tour(s).

Chris Giordano President and Chairman of Authentic Heroes stated,  “Our company is at the forefront of what could be a memorabilia game changer. The Authentic Heroes®  brand will be the standout  that brings historic moments, authenticity and affordability into a space usually not open to the average individual.

For example, a Curt Cobain sweater just sold for $334,000 at auction which was almost twice the price it sold for four years earlier. One wealthy individual is now the owner of that historic sweater worn in an “Unplugged Session “ by Cobain. Collectable apparel in general and now music memorabilia is changing from being just a collectable into an investment. 

The problem is very few people can afford to buy collectable garments at auction prices where they are typically sold. Authentic Heroes can now offer music Super-Fans an authenticated, high quality and affordable alternative. We are going to level the playing field  for fans across the globe by allowing them to own a history.

Using our patent pending technology we take an authenticated garment(s) worn by a musician, athlete or celebrity and mechanically disassemble the garment back to the Genesis fibers that were used to make the original.

Then each individual fiber from the original is UV highlighted and digitally coded as part of our one of a kind “authentication process”. The digitally coded fibers are then mixed with virgin fibers and then used to manufacture a multiplicity of Authentic Heroes garments.

To enhance the authenticity event further we will include a UV pen light as part of the collectors’ package so the fibers from the original event worn garment resonate like a beacon under the glow of our UV penlight. 

Like BRAVADO the Authentic Heroes brand is very much about creating a “bond” off the emotional dynamic between the artist and their fanbases by allowing them to own a slice of the iconic moments of their favorite musical artist(s).

We are proud that our relationship with each artist we work with will also be about “purposeful cause”. The members of RUN DMC will pick a favorite charity or foundation and Authentic Heroes will donate a meaningful percentage of each sale to help change and improve the lives of others.

Paul Serbiak CEO of Authentic stated, “The idea of owning something that was worn by an athlete, musical artist or pop icon has always resonated with fans, but the high cost of ownership left most people out of the market for such coveted collectables. Authentic Heroes will change that and allow a celebrity to extend their brand and bond throughout the entire spectrum of their fan base. Democratizing the collectable clothing business is what we are about.

Authentic Heroes will become the breakthrough apparel brand that will change  the market by delivering  fans something on a much more personal level than ever before. The ability to further bond with their favorite musical artist by owning a piece of their history. It is our goal to be identified with the catchphrase “Event Worn Reborn”

We look forward to working with the Bravado team and RUN DMC to create a one of a kind fan and brand-builder for the ages.”

About BRAVADO: BRAVADO is a leading global provider of consumer, lifestyle and brand management services around the world working with hundreds of  musical artists including The Rolling Stones, Justin Bieber, Kanye West,  Elton John, Guns N Roses and Travis Scott just to name a few. Living at the crossroads of music and fashion,  Bravado are experts at creating emotional connections between fans and artists.

About Authentic Heroes: Authentic Heroes® introduces the next level of apparel memorabilia with patented technology that allows single garments worn by athletes and celebrities to be turned back into fiber and made into many garments that all share part of the original.

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