Burlington, VT, Jan. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mamava, the leading expert in lactation space design, introduces a new product to its line of freestanding lactation suites: the Mamava Solo. Designed for space efficiency, with workplaces in mind, the Mamava Solo provides a comfortably compact place for breastfeeding women to pump. The demand for stand-alone lactation suites has skyrocketed with the expansion of legislation to protect breastfeeding women in the workplace, especially California’s new law (SB-142) which requires employers to provide breaks and lactation spaces for all breastfeeding employees. 

Like all of Mamava’s pods, the Solo is designed to meet the physiological needs of breastfeeding mothers and the logistical considerations of businesses looking to support breastfeeding mothers and efficiently come into legal compliance.  

Notable features of the Mamava Solo Lactation Pod: 

  • Compact footprint:  14.5 sq. ft., 390 lbs, 15’ W x 2’10” D x 7’3” H
  • Ready to ship; arrives in 2-4 weeks; installs in a few hours
  • Occupies one standard 20 amp outlet
  • Deadbolt-locking door
  • Fully furnished: One bench, two shelves, mirror, hook, internal outlets and USB
  • Interior surfaces made of food-service grade, solid surfaces
  • Powered by Mamava’s proprietary Smart Platform, which allows moms to locate, unlock, and customize lighting and airflow inside with the free Mamava mobile app

A 2010 amendment to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to provide a clean, private place other than a bathroom to express milk—and a variety of state laws outline additional lactation accommodations. California’s new law (SB-142) requires employers to provide breaks and lactation spaces for all breastfeeding employees, not just hourly employees, as is specified by FLSA. SB-142 also defines that the space must be in close proximity to the breastfeeding employee’s workspace.

“Millennial mothers expect employers to do better,” says Sascha Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Mamava. “Employers looking to retain employees should be thinking about best-in-class lactation options and support, not just something that brings them into compliance.” As design professionals and mothers who pumped in the workplace, Mayer and her co-founder, Mamava’s COO, Christine Dodson, have built a product team dedicated to transforming mothers’ insights into product features designed uniquely for breastfeeding mothers and to continuously improving the pod experience for them.

Mamava’s Smart Platform—in-pod technology plus the Mamava app—allows for remote maintenance monitoring of pods, as well as usage reporting for facilities. It enables easy wayfinding, autonomous Mamava pod access, the ability to customize lighting and airflow in Mamava pods, and provides robust content and community offerings. The free Mamava app includes 5,000 lactation spaces—never a bathroom and not just Mamava pods. In 2019, Mamava app downloads have more than doubled over the previous year.

There are Mamava pods in 1,000+ locations in 48 states including airports, malls, hospitals, universities, corporate offices, military bases, football and baseball stadiums, schools and zoos. The full product line includes the Mamava Original, Mamava ADA, a spacious and wheelchair accessible space for large public venues, and the Mamava Mini, a furnishing solution for lactation and wellness rooms designed in collaboration with Steelcase. Mamava has also partnered with Medela LLC, the #1 recommended breast pump brand on New Moms’ Healthy Returns, a single-source solution that helps employers deliver best-in-class lactation spaces, hospital-grade pumps and accessories, and helpful resources to breastfeeding parents.

The Mamava Solo is priced at $9,995, not including shipping and delivery.    

About Mamava:

Based in Burlington, VT, Mamava is the expert in lactation space design, thoughtfully designing solutions for breastfeeding moms on the go. With both analog and digital products, Mamava products celebrate and support the 21st century breastfeeding mama. Mamava is mama-owned, made in America, and a proud member of the B Corp community. The Mamava app, free for iOS and Android, helps moms find pumping and breastfeeding-friendly locations, unlock Mamava suites through the proprietary Mamava smart lock, and find useful breastfeeding content. For more information, visit www.mamava.com.



Ann Pechaver
Mamava, Inc.