Pharmagreen Selects ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) Building Technology for the Construction of its Cannabis Biotech Complex Building Material

CARSON CITY, NV, Jan. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTC: PHBI), is pleased to announce today that it signed a memorandum of understanding with Here to Serve Holding Corp., (OTC:HTSC) to provide consulting services and supply ICF building material (Insulated Concrete Forms) for the construction of Pharmagreen’s 63,000 square foot facility, the Cannabis Biotech Complex.

The complex, which will take about 18 months to construct, makes use of cutting edge technologies in its engineering, water recycling and conservation techniques, as well as with its construction material resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and secure, uniquely advanced, eco-friendly and semi-automated tissue culture, clean-room laboratory, extraction, distillation and research facility.

ICF building material will provide vital solutions by reducing energy maintenance costs for the building by 50-70%. Furthermore, ICF blocks are mold resistant, temperature controlled and resistant to microbial forces, which is a number one requirement in the construction of a clean-room lab grade facility. 

We project that this premier cannabis biotech complex will provide for the annual in-vitro production and supply of over 10 million cannabis tissue cultured plantlets and ready-to-grow starter crops for licensed commercial grow operations, micro-cultivators as well as orchard style high CBD hemp farms with its on field successfully grown proprietary CBD Dana hemp strain.

According to Cesar Herrera, President of Here To Serve Holding Corp, "We believe Pharmagreen's biotech tissue culture complex will be the world's first truly state-of-the-art cannabis facility. Here to Serve’s team of architects, engineers, ICF experts, and grow experts have planned a mold-resistant, fire-resistant, sound-proof, and durable facility. ICF built cultivation facilities can also withstand 300 mile per hour winds, protecting company assets in the event of a flood, hurricane or harsh weather conditions. We are proud to be working alongside Pharmagreen, and we applaud Pharmagreen's vision of becoming one of the best producers of hemp and cannabis in the world. We believe Pharmagreen Biotech's superior CBD Dana strain of hemp is going to turn hemp farming into a major profit producing industry.”

Commenting on the Pharmagreen’s cannabis biotech complex facility development, Peter Wojcik, President and CEO, stated, “We are building our complex to the highest standards in engineering and building materials and we believe utilizing ICF blocks for construction is the right choice. We look forward to working with Here to Serve Holding Corp. as we move forward with our development plans.” 

About Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. and WFS Pharmagreen Inc.

WFS Pharmagreen Inc. is a wholly owned Canadian-based subsidiary of Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., a publicly traded (OTC PINKS: PHBI) company.  WFS Pharmagreen Inc. is a cannabis company that is becoming a significant producer of cannabis plantlets through a proprietary tissue culture process with opportunity to become one of the largest players globally.  Pharmagreen’s mission is to advance the technology of tissue culture science and to provide the highest quality 100% germ free, disease free and all genetically the same plantlets of cannabis and other flora while offering full spectrum DNA testing for plant identification, live genetics preservation using low temperature storage for various cannabis and horticulture plants; extraction of botanical oils, mainly CBD oil, and to deliver laboratory-based services to the North American Cannabis and agriculture sectors.  For further information on the company progress on the construction of a 63,000 square foot “Cannabis Biotech Complex” please visit

Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) operates as an international distribution, consulting and sales organization that markets Insulated Concrete Forms (“ICF”) construction material as well as indoor growing technology.   HTSC addresses the need for effective thermal insulation in the cannabis cultivation industry, the residential and commercial building industries, and the hotel industry.  HTSC plans to play a vital role in the cannabis cultivation industry by reducing energy costs for the industry by 50-70%. Furthermore, ICF blocks are mold resistant, temperature controlled and resistant to microbial forces, which cost the cannabis industry millions of dollars in lost crops every year.  HTSC’s vision is to provide the materials and consulting for cultivation facilities that will save the industry billions of dollars by replacing outdated growing methods that use steel and wood-based construction, which breeds mold, pathogens and microbial elements.

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