DENVER, Jan. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USRetina, the nation’s largest independent association of retina practices and ophthalmologists, today announced new significant technology offerings along with a new brand to drive more value for retina practices where they need it most. USRetina’s expanded offerings now include RetinaOS, the operating system for the modern retina practice, which includes two modules: RetinaInventory for inventory management and RetinaPurchasing, the group purchasing portal that provides broad access to retina-specific pharmaceuticals.

As the landscape of eye care continues to transform, retina practices need support at the business level so they can focus on what matters: better patient care and improved outcomes. RetinaOS, RetinaInventory and RetinaPurchasing were built by retina doctors to bring a new level of business flexibility and adaptability to these practices. Together they streamline drug purchasing, improve operations management, optimize revenue cycle management, and help doctors navigate regulatory changes while they build bottom-line revenue. And it’s all available on distributor-agnostic platforms built specifically for retina care.

RetinaInventory provides analytics on drug inventory and benchmarking data at the point of care. Now doctors can consolidate practice data across EMR, practice management and the complete lifecycle of pharmaceuticals, from ordering, to inventory, to dispense, to billing, and finally to reimbursement. RetinaOS includes:

  • Drug Reconciliation: Now it’s easy to match data from multiple systems and identify errors more quickly. See real-time accounting of high-cost drugs by reviewing the actual revenue and profit or liability, by vial as well as in aggregate.
  • Intelligent Asset Management: Optimize clinical workflows and receive, track, and manage drugs according to doctor, integrated with daily appointment books. Maintain appropriate inventory levels with real-time reporting on today’s drug inventory and usage.
  • Just-in-Time Ordering: Ensure adequate inventory based on specific analytics and not arbitrary PAR levels.
  • Invoice and Order Analysis: Ensure your practice is closing out invoices before opening new vials. Avoid gaps in reconciliation and track replacement vials back to the original invoice.
  • On-Hand Inventory: Skip daily manual inventory counts and track inventory levels according to financial milestones. 
  • Data Consolidation: RetinaOS will also integrate with and consolidate data from your electronic medical records and practice management software, for one unified view to help drive better decision-making at the point of care.

RetinaPurchasing, formerly the USRetina Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), has been renamed and reimagined to seamlessly integrate with RetinaOS for easier inventory management. The portal also includes:

  • Consolidated Ordering: Use a single shopping cart for retina drugs, medical supplies, and medical devices.
  • Membership Rewards: Members of USRetina enjoy built-in rewards from partners like American Express® and more.
  • Drug Updates: RetinaPurchasing keeps members informed in changes to drug purchasing and availability at all times.

“RetinaOS and RetinaPurchasing both answer the needs of retina practices trying to improve patient care but get bogged down with business management,” said Ravi Nemana, Chief Technology Officer for USRetina. “We’ve built them using unique insights into the retina practice model, and unlike the competition, are designed with only retina in mind.”

RetinaOS and RetinaPurchasing are both now generally available and are currently supporting practices within the USRetina network. To learn more, visit

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