Individuals Can Offset Their Own CO2 Emissions by Planting Six Trees Per Month

The platform Tree-Nation has planted five million trees on four continents with the help of more than 130,000 individuals and 2,200 companies

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- January 26th, the World Environmental Education Day, was started in 1975 by the United Nations to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment. Forty-five years later and the effects of climate change can be seen every day in the news. There is a simple, cheap and efficient way to fight climate change which is to plant a tree. Thanks to reforestation platforms such as Tree-Nation, which has already planted more than 50,000 trees since January 1, 2020, individuals can plant trees without getting their hands dirty.

Trees perform an essential double function for life on Earth. Along with the oceans, trees are one of the main carbon capture mechanisms on the planet: especially during their growth phase, trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it. Trees also produce oxygen, essential for breathing. In fact, plants and algae are responsible for making the surface of our planet habitable. So Earth will no longer be home of future generations if the current rate of deforestation of forests and degradation of seas and oceans is maintained.

The CO2 generated by an individual over a month is the equivalent of six trees

On average each person produces around six tons of CO2 per year. Although there are large variations between across global regions for example, in Europe the average person produces about nine tons of CO2 per year according to Eurostat. This is much higher than the CO2 emissions of most developing countries, where an average person produces about two tons per year. These emissions are mainly from transport, industry, power generation and other activities.

At the recent United Nations Conference (COP25) on Climate Change held in Madrid, countries could not agree on how to limit the emissions of these greenhouse gases. The good news is that while governments are still disagreeing, each individual can take action by planting trees. Planting six trees per month is enough to compensate for the CO2 emissions we produce, taking into account the annual global average of around six tons of CO2 per person. There are several ways to become planters. However, it is demonstrated that reforestation projects managed by professionals, in protected areas and with specially selected species, offer more guarantees. Platforms such as Tree-Nation allow trees to be planted through the Internet.

Through collaboration with local entities, Tree-Nation currently manages more than 190 plantation projects with 300 plant species in 33 countries on four continents, the largest offer available to this day. Through the Tree-Nation website the online planting process is so simple that even children can do it under the supervision of an adult. Once planted an individual url is provided which shows the amount of CO2 compensated as well as information about the reforestation project including its geographical location, among other data.

On the World Environmental Education Day, we should all get involved and take some action to combat climate change. Planting a tree collaborating with one of the projects we manage from our platform is an excellent way to raise awareness among young people about the need to protect our forests and minimize the impact of our CO2 emissions,” comments Maxime Renaudin, founder and director of Tree-Nation.

More than 130,000 individuals and almost 2,200 companies have already participated in Tree-Nation planting projects. Each user has their own virtual forest, which they can share with other users to invite them to join the reforestation project. Plant trees to offer them as a gift with a personalized message is also possible. Companies can also access data on the amount of trees planted, offset CO2 emissions, etc. to include them in corporate social responsibility reports.

About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a reforestation platform that uses its own development software to connect citizens and businesses with plantation projects around the world. Founded by Maxime Renaudin, the Barcelona-based organisation currently has more than 80 active reforestation projects. Since its inception in 2006, more than 130,000 users and more than 2,200 companies have planted five million trees using its platform. More information at

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