WATERTOWN, Mass., Jan. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InCrowd, life science industry leader for real-time, high-quality primary market intelligence, ended 2019 with a record fourth-quarter performance and continued strong growth, capping an extraordinary year as measured by revenue, customers, and market impact.  At a time of innovation and sweeping change in healthcare, InCrowd’s performance speaks to the strong demand for transformative market research options that deliver more insights, faster and with exceptional quality.

InCrowd added more than 100 new brands and new logos in 2019, taking its roster of life science brands served to beyond 500. With this strong client growth, InCrowd surpassed its 3 millionth answer in 2019 and boasts 40 of the top global 100 pharma companies among its clients.

InCrowd’s offerings and insights platform advanced in 2019, with several notable innovations, such as InCrowd Interview—the company’s award-winning qualitative, primary research platform—as well as many new capabilities to its survey and data insights collection, Crowd and panel management, and data analytics reporting and visualization—among other new features.

Among key growth events for InCrowd was the majority investment made by SARORAS Private Capital (“SARORAS”), a private equity investment firm focused on technology-enabled services industry.  As a part of the investment, Daniel S. Fitzgerald, a proven insights and technology industry veteran stepped in as chief executive officer (CEO) and president of InCrowd with co-founders, Janet Kosloff, former CEO, and Diane Hayes, former president, staying on as investors and InCrowd board members.

“Since our investment this past summer, InCrowd has more than met our expectations, demonstrating strong client adoption and market growth for both bookings and revenue, a testament to our team’s ability to articulate our brand promise and deliver differentiated value to clients,” said Fitzgerald. “In 2020, we plan to double the size of our engineering and analytics teams, making considerable investment in technology and tools among other areas that will support steady growth and enhance our value and impact to our clients, today and into the future.”

In addition to the recognition of the SARORAS investment, in 2019 InCrowd leadership was also recognized with Kosloff, named one of PM360’s Elite 100. InCrowd Interview was honored as well, becoming a Mass Tech Leadership Council finalist for the Sales and Marketing award.

About InCrowd

InCrowd, a SARORAS company, is the life science, industry leader and pioneer for real-time, mobile-first,  Micro-research solutions, empowering global 100 life science firms with fast, efficient, high-quality primary market insights. InCrowd serves more than 500 brands and meets clients precisely where they are on the market research continuum—offering do-it-yourself tools, do-it-in-partnership, or full-service with our healthcare industry consultants, all while leveraging InCrowd’s technology platform and quality and compliance controls. With access to a 1.8 million-member “Crowd” of healthcare professionals worldwide, reached in 20 different languages, InCrowd delivers market insights professionals high-quality, trusted data to make informed, timely business decisions.


Meghan Oates-Zalesky
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Mary Kae Marinac
PR Representative for InCrowd