DOVER, Ohio, Feb. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fine Arts Skin & Laser is now offering EMsculpt®, a device that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to non-surgically firm and tone the abdomen, buttocks, and arms—for a look comparable to the result of months of dedicated workouts. Available at the Ohio practice, EMsculpt® is a recent innovation in world of body contouring.

In honor of EMsculpt®’s arrival, the Fine Arts Skin & Laser team is inviting the community to an exclusive event, to be held Thursday, Feb. 13, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the office on 335 Oxford Street, Dover, OH.

Guests are welcome to attend this free-admission event and take part in meet-and-greets, a grand prize raffle drawing, and special event pricing sign-ups for future EMsculpt® treatments. Along with complimentary cocktails and appetizers, attendees will be treated to gift bags, hand massages, and other exciting giveaways. Live, in-office EMsculpt® demonstrations will run from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Because demo spaces are limited, anyone interested in seeing EMsculpt® in action is encouraged to RSVP in advance to ensure a spot will be secured.

Fine Arts Skin & Laser provides a wide selection of body contouring alternatives to choose from. What sets EMsculpt® apart is its dual benefit: Rather than focusing on fat reduction, the EMsculpt® device induces 20,000 muscle contractions in the targeted area in just 30 minutes. This encourages the building of new muscle fiber, which sculpts areas that are already lean, but where a patient may want more definition. While growing muscle mass, the body can also simultaneously “burn” nearby stubborn deposits of body fat. This takes away the slight “padding” that can keep newly strengthened muscles from being fully visible.

EMsculpt® treatments are designed for men and women who are already relatively fit and generally healthy but are unable to break through a workout plateau, whether due to genetics, hormones, aging, or pregnancy.

Spring is on its way, and as the weather warms up and people begin to shed their heavy layers of outer clothing, they tend to think about how their body looks. Fine Arts Skin & Laser’s special EMsculpt® event is an ideal opportunity to explore a body contouring option in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

RSVP online, call 330-364-5656, or send a message to Ohio’s Fine Arts Skin & Laser Facial Plastic Surgery for more details.