18th Annual South Beach Symposium Concludes in Miami

Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES

Miami Beach, FL, Feb. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 18th Annual South Beach Symposium concluded on Sunday, February 9th, at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in South Beach, Miami. As the premier event for advanced medical & aesthetic dermatology education in the nation, the conference hosted over 900 of the field’s leading figures including renowned clinicians, expert faculty members, cutting-edge companies, and forward-thinking partner organizations. The annual conference presented a comprehensive agenda featuring two advanced specialty workshops, a resident training course, a live cadaver workshop, several live demonstrations, an extensive variety of session topics, and an exhibit hall full of innovative resources. Uniquely centered upon the expertise of both medical and aesthetic dermatology, the conference provided a comprehensive yet in-depth action plan for practitioners seeking to utilize the most transformative techniques, resources, and tools in modern dermatology.

The event began with two advanced full-day specialty sessions highlighting two of the industry’s most in-demand clinical areas. The first-ever South Beach Cutaneous Oncology Symposium served to bridge the gap between dermatology and oncology care by highlighting the latest advancements surrounding advanced skin cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management.  The symposium was provided in partnership with the American Cutaneous Oncology Society and led by Symposium Chairs— and two of the industry’s most renowned clinicians and innovators: Drs. Mark S. Nestor, M.D., Ph.D. and David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D. The Annual Masters of Pediatric Dermatology Symposium provided attendees with the most valuable knowledge surrounding the latest treatment approaches, protocols, procedures, and tools needed to support infants and adolescents with dermatologic conditions. Led by Dr. Lawrence Schachner, M.D. — a clinician widely lauded as one of the foremost experts in pediatric dermatology— the symposium helped guide practitioners in providing targeted and personalized care for a younger population of patients.

In addition to a wide number of brand new educational offerings, attendees were given the opportunity to attend two exclusive training opportunities. Another first for the conference was the Cadaver Workshop course— providing in-depth facial anatomy instruction and comprehensive training in botulinum neurotoxin and dermal filler injection techniques through a hands-on format. With a select number of available spots which sold out in only a couple weeks of its announcement, this exclusive workshop enabled participants to understand anatomical structures and utilize the latest injection techniques. The Molluscum Contagiosum Resident Training Course provided residents with interactive and in-depth education on the disease state of molluscum contagiosum. Led by pediatric dermatology experts, residents took part in interactive case study reviews, Q&A sessions, and didactic learning.

In keeping with the tradition of providing attendees with first-hand expert knowledge on the latest tools and techniques, the conference included a variety of live demonstration sessions. Live patient and device demonstration sessions highlighted the applications of toxins and fillers, advanced non-invasive facial and hand rejuvenation approaches, PRP injections, and more.

Among a range of advanced tracks, two of the conference’s most popular offerings garnered notably high attendance. The “Hair Restoration” track— led by world-renowned hair-restoration specialists Drs. Glynis R. Ablon, M.D. and Alan Bauman, M.D.— featured live patient demonstrations, panel discussions, and interactive Q&As, all centered upon the very latest updates in hair restoration. Led by Dr. Andrew Heyman, M.D., MHSA,—an acclaimed expert in integrative and Anti-Aging medicine— the “Anti-Aging & the Dermatologist” track provided in-depth examination of the application of hormones, peptide therapies, stem-cell treatments, metabolism, and more in the practice of integrative and outcomes-focused dermatology.

Alongside a comprehensive educational agenda, the conference boasted access to 90 innovative companies— showcasing the latest therapeutic products, devices and services in advanced dermatology including skin laser technology, microneedling, hair regrowth, light therapy, and much more. Collectively, the vendors offered participants the opportunity to return home with the most valuable resources available in the industry.

In providing a single venue through which participants could engage with the latest education, resources, practitioners, and thought-leaders in both medical and aesthetic dermatology, the symposium empowered attendees to lead at the forefront of the industry. On the whole, with a program centered upon forward-thinking and clinical excellence, the conference set the stage for a revolutionary decade in modern dermatology.


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