SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Emerald Scientific, LLC (“Emerald”), the cannabis industry’s most distinguished distributor of high-quality scientific supplies to cannabis testing laboratories, announced today the promotion of its Chief Financial Officer, Leigh White, to Chief Executive Officer.

White will lead the Emerald Scientific team in their position as the premier supplier of scientific and technical supplies to the cannabis testing industry. White’s skills are ideal to lead the company in new and competitive directions as she has a background in various dynamic industries. Leigh White is a member of the State Bar of California and has over two decades of experience building and leading innovative companies in industries ranging from technology to manufacturing, scientific research to consumer products and services. She has held a variety of roles at these companies as an investor, owner, executive, board member, and advisor.

All of White’s experiences speak to her aptitude for leadership, capacity to catalyze operational growth, and knowledge of STEM companies. White will be instrumental in executing strategy for Emerald’s continued growth in North America, as well as expansion into international markets.

“What we’ve done here is amazing. Our team brings their heart and soul every day. Our work has a positive impact on the safety and effectiveness of the industry, and contributes to the health and happiness of society. We’re meeting our financial goals, and we have new and exciting partnerships,” said Ken Snoke, Founder of Emerald Scientific. ”This is no time or place for a founder’s ego to get in the way. The CEO skill set required for Emerald to succeed for the next 5 years is different than the last 5 years. This change doesn’t indicate that I won’t contribute, it means that I get to contribute where I have the most positive impact.”

Ken Snoke, who co-founded Emerald Scientific six years ago with company President Wes Burk, will be maintaining a leadership role in company strategy and corporate culture.

“Having Leigh White lead as CEO is a logical move for Emerald Scientific as its culture and leadership are very much aligned with her leadership style and visions for the company,” said Wes Burk, President of Emerald Scientific. “Leigh has proven to be a good fit both professionally and culturally.”

Prior to being appointed as the CEO of Emerald Scientific, Leigh White was Emerald Scientific’s Chief Financial Officer and was fundamental in launching Emerald’s subsidiary in Canada, Emerald Scientific Canada, Inc., facilitating the recently announced PerkinElmer, Inc. partnership, deepening strategic relationships with major suppliers, and being a pivotal figure in the acquisition of the Emerald Conference by MJBizDaily. White is enthusiastic about the growth and expansion possibilities for the company within the next 24 to 36 months, especially for The Emerald Test to become a standard for cannabis testing labs internationally.

“I’m honored to be leading Emerald’s strategic growth and I’m optimistic about the Company’s continued success,” said Leigh White, CEO of Emerald Scientific. “Over the past five years of Emerald Scientific’s existence, the Company has achieved or exceeded its growth plan from the previous year, every year. That is a testament to how dialed-in, calibrated and committed this team is—I’m very excited to be leading it.”

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About Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific is a dedicated supplier of scientific supplies and equipment to the cannabis industry.  Emerald provides thousands of products and technical expertise critical to producers, extractors, test labs, and finished product manufacturers.  The company’s products and activities support good manufacturing practice, standardized analytical testing, quality control and assurance, process optimization, and controlled cultivation, all contributing to safe and predictable outcomes for customers and patients. Emerald Scientific created the “Emerald Test,” which is an inter-laboratory comparison and proficiency test for cannabis testing labs. The test has been used in more than 100 labs across 11 countries. Emerald also founded The Emerald Conference, the most advanced, comprehensive and technical event in the cannabis industry. To learn more, please visit

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