ROBIT PLC                PRESS RELEASE            20.2.2020 AT 11.15


2019 was a year of changes for Robit. The company launched and implemented an efficiency program according to plan. As a result of the program, the Group’s net sales grew EUR 86.5 million (82.7), an increase of 5% on an annual basis. The last quarter, in particular developed favorably with net sales growing by 18% year-on-year.

Operating cash flow improved by EUR 3 million to EUR 1.8 million. The company’s result (comparable EBITDA) also improved by EUR 6.2 million to EUR +2.7 million (-3.5).

Order intake increased by 8% compared with the previous year and was EUR 87.3 million (80.8).

“Through the efficiency program, we succeeded in consolidating our operations. Overall, demand was positive in 2019. The mining industry market remained active and our most significant successes in civil engineering were achieved in piling projects. In the global market situation, many disruptive factors are discernable. These are not expected to have an impact on Robit’s consumables business, however, and we expect demand to remain stable in 2020. The company’s current cost structure and sales-focused resources provide opportunities for growth in net sales and improved profitability in 2020”, says Robit CEO Tommi Lehtonen.

The number of personnel decreased by 34 employees in 2019 and was 252 (286) at the end of the year. The decrease was mainly due to the reorganization of Down the Hole production operations, in which production at the Halco Brighouse (UK) factory was relocated to two of the company’s other plants.

Robit’s guidance for 2020 is that the company is aiming for growth in net sales and for improved euro-denominated comparable EBITDA profitability than the previous year.


Tommi Lehtonen, CEO

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Robit is a strongly internationalized growth company servicing global customers and selling drilling consumables for applications in mining, construction and contracting, tunneling and well drilling. The company's offering is divided into three product and service ranges: Top Hammer, Down-the-Hole and Digital Services. Robit has 14 of its own sales and service points throughout the world as well as an active sales network in 115 countries. Robit’s manufacturing units are located in Finland, South Korea, Australia, the UK and the USA. Robit’s shares are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd. Further information is available at:

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