Dresner Advisory Services Publishes 2020 Data Preparation Market Study

Nashua, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES

NASHUA, N.H., Feb. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dresner Advisory Services today published the 2020 Data Preparation Market Study, part of its Wisdom of Crowds® series of research. The 6th annual report addresses perceptions and intentions surrounding data preparation, a capacity for IT and business users to model, prepare, and combine data prior to analysis.

The study examines requirements such as usability, integration, and manipulation features, as well as output and deployment options. It covers industry support for data preparation and compares user requirements to industry capabilities.

According to the 2020 report, data preparation ranks midway among the 37 topics currently under study. While it trails top themes such as reporting, dashboards, and advanced visualization, it ranks well ahead of other familiar topics including embedded BI, big data, and Internet of Things.

“While the perceived importance of data preparation remains very high, and generally increases with organization size, there is a slight decline in the estimations of criticality among users,” said Jim Ericson, VP and research director at Dresner Advisory Services. “We believe this is due to increasing adoption rates, which naturally result in less perceived urgency.” 

Nearly three-quarters of organizations say their data preparation efforts are “highly effective” or “somewhat effective”. Most respondents “constantly” or “frequently” make use of data preparation, with operations the most likely department user.

“Data preparation resonates strongly with organizations, particularly power users that have often needed to ‘make do’ with limited tools available for the purpose,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “Data preparation is a significant stage in the trends toward user empowerment and self-service business intelligence, and as such it has received an increasing amount of investment from both users and industry suppliers.”

Wisdom of Crowds® research is based on data collected on usage and deployment trends, products, and vendors. Users in all roles and throughout all industries contributed to provide a complete view of realities, plans, and perceptions of the market. To purchase a copy of the 2020 Data Preparation Market Study, visit www.dataprepreport.com.

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